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Create pop-up forms to collect your contacts details from your website with eNotify

The Brevo integration for eNotify allows you to create different types of pop-up notifications on your website or landing page to attract visitors and capture leads. Pop-up forms are responsive and can be triggered after a delay, during exit intent, or on hover, for example, making lead generation easier!

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About the Brevo integration for eNotify

Some pop-up notifications contain a form that can be connected with Brevo to help you collect your visitors' email addresses directly from your website or landing page:

Email Collector Collector Bar Modal Collector Modal Two Collector
email-collector.png Easily collect emails and generate leads from your visitors with a floating pop-up notification that collects your visitors' names and email addresses.

The details from visitors who completed those pop-up forms are automatically added to the contact list of your choice in Brevo, allowing you to segment those leads and target them in future campaigns or automation workflows.

Before you start

  • Sign up for eNotify and enjoy a 15% discount code on any eNotify plan with the Brevo discount code BREVO2023. A paid plan on eNotify allows you to customize your notifications' display and settings. 
  • If you want to create a pop-up form:
    • For your website, ensure you have access to your website HTLM code.
    • For your Brevo landing page, ensure you created and published it before creating your eNotify pop-up form. 
  • Create a folder and a contact list on Brevo in which you want to save the contact details of visitors who fill out the pop-up form. 
  • Retrieve your API v3 key from Brevo.

⚙️ Step 1: Connect Brevo to eNotify

Connect your Brevo account with eNotify to automatically synchronize your visitors' details with your Brevo contact list: 

  1. Retrieve your API v3 key from Brevo. 
  2. From eNotify, go to Your account name > Account
  3. Choose the Integrations tab. 
  4. Paste your API v3 key in the Brevo API token field. 
  5. Click Submit. 

 The connection between eNotify and Brevo is established 🎉.

🖥 Step 2: Create a campaign 

Once your eNotify and Brevo accounts are connected, you can create a campaign for each website or landing page you want to reach with pop-up forms: 

  1. From eNotify, go to Dashboard.
  2. Click + Create campaign
  3. In the Name field, enter a relevant name for your campaign.
  4. In the Domain field, enter the website domain or subdomain, or the landing page URL onto which you want to enable pop-up forms.
  5. Optional: Toggle Include Subdomains to enable pop-up forms on each subdomain under your domain. For example, if your domain is, you also allow your subdomains and to display your pop-up forms. 
  6. Click Create to confirm your campaign creation. 
  7. The Pixel code that allows you to integrate pop-up forms into your website or landing page displays, click Copy Pixel to save it.

Your campaign is created and automatically activated! 🎉 You now have to integrate eNotify code into your website or landing page to be able to display pop-up notifications ⬇️.

👾 Step 3: Integrate eNotify into your website or landing page

With the Pixel code you just copied, you can integrate eNotify into your website or Brevo landing page:

Website Landing page

If you want to integrate eNotify into your website, access your website HTML code and paste the eNotify Pixel code before the end of your head tag:


📋 Step 4: Create your pop-up form

Your eNotify and Brevo accounts are now connected, you created your campaign, and eNotify is integrated into your website or landing page. You can now create your pop-up form into eNotify and display it on your website or landing page. If you subscribed to a paid plan, you can create more than one pop-up form or notification.

📝 Part 1: Choose your pop-up form 

Different types of pop-up forms can be displayed on your website or landing page. To choose the pop-up form you want to display:

  1. From eNotify, go to Dashboard.
  2. Click the campaign for which you want to create a pop-up form. 
  3. Click + Create notification
  4. Choose the pop-up form you want to use. An example of the pop-up form is displayed on the bottom-right of your screen. 
  5. Click Create.

You can now setup your pop-up form 

🎨 Part 2: Setup general settings and display

❗️ Important
You need a paid plan on eNotify to customize your pop-up notification display and settings. To discover eNotify paid plans and features, check their pricing page.

Set up your pop-up form basic settings, its triggers, display, and customize it. A preview of your pop-up form displays on the right of your screen. To learn more about pop-up form settings best practices, check eNotify help center.

Once your pop-form basic settings and display are set up, you have to define where you want your visitors' details to be sent into Brevo from the Data tab ⬇️.

💾 Part 3: Choose where to send your visitors' details 

  1. From your pop-up form settings, go to Data
  2. Toggle Send caught data to external sources
  3. From the Send data to drop-down list, choose Brevo
  4. Choose the Brevo folder that contains your contact list for eNotify leads. 
  5. Select the Brevo list to which you want to save your visitors' details. 
  6. Choose the opt-in method you want to apply for this pop-up form. You can choose either: 
    Single Opt-in Double Opt-in
    Your visitors only need to subscribe once, when they click the subscribe button from your pop-up form.
  7. Click Update

🚀 Part 4: Activate your pop-up form

Now that your pop-up form is set up, you can activate it to display it on your website or landing page. Toggle on Change status directly from your pop-up form setting or Notification dashboard:

Pop-up form settings Notification dashboard


📊 Step 4: Monitor your pop-up forms' statistics

You can review the statistics of your pop-up forms directly into eNotify. To learn more, check their dedicated article

Congratulations 🎉. Now that you have collected your visitors' details, you can segment and target them with Brevo email campaigns

🤔 Have a question?

If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.

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