Add contacts to your lists using an automation

Your automations allow you to automatically manage the addition of contacts into specific lists. There are many use cases for this action Add the contact into a list:

  • After the contact submits a form to download your ebook or receive your newsletter,
  • If a contact is now a paying customer,
  • If a contact is a VIP client after a certain amount of orders,
  • If a contact has accepted an invitation to an event,
  • etc.

Define your attributes

To do this, you first need to define the contact attributes that you need for segmenting your lists. You may need to create another automation to automatically update the contact attributes using the Update contact attribute action.

When all your contact attributes are set up, you can create a dedicated automation to add the contacts to a specific list.

Create an automation to manage your lists

Select the entry point to your automation

  1. Go to Automations.
  2. Click Create an automation > Custom automation.
  3. Select the entry point Contact details > Contact attributes condition.
  4. Fill in the attribute conditions, when to check, and the checking interval. For example, if you have an attribute for paying customers, you can select the attribute (in our example, CLIENT is YES).
  5. Click OK to validate the entry point.

This automation will automatically select the contacts with the CLIENT is YES at a specific date and time. You can check this condition every day or every week, etc. Here, we've chosen to check this condition every day at 10 am.

💡 Good to know
If you have several attributes to manage your lists, we recommend using filters.

Select the action Add the contact into a list

Once your entry point has been validated, you can add other conditions or directly select the list to which you would like to add your contacts.

  1. Click on the + button under the entry point.
  2. Select Add the contact into a list.
  3. Select your contacts list. In our example, we selected "Customers".
  4. Click OK.
  5. Activate your automation to add the contacts to your lists.

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