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Integrating your Pipedrive contacts with Brevo

You can integrate your Pipedrive contacts with Brevo using Integromat. Depending on how you use Pipeline, you can add "persons" from deals, stages and pipelines. In our example, we're going to synchronize all Pipedrive contacts into Brevo.

What are the steps for creating the workflow?

1. Create a new workflow on Integromat. The button for creating new workflows is located on the dashboard.


2. Select the application to which you would like to integrate Brevo. In our example, we would like to add all Pipedrive contacts and new contacts to Brevo. So, we need to select the Pipedrive application.


3. Select the action you would like to perform. In this case, we need to select the "Get All Objects" action to add all the contacts in Pipedrive to Brevo. You can of course segment the contacts you would like to import by "Stage" or "Pipeline" for example.


3.1 Follow the module's steps: log into your application using your Pipedrive API key, which you can find in "Your Profile"/"API". Then select an object type, which in this case is "Persons", to get the email addresses of your Pipedrive contacts.


4. Click on "Add another module" and select Brevo


4.1 Select the "Create or update a user" action to add all Pipedrive contacts to Brevo.


4.2 Follow the module's steps:

4.2.1 Add an Integromat "Connection" to your Brevo account. To do this, you just have to select your Brevo API key, which you can find in My Account/SMTP & API.

4.2.2 Then add the Pipedrive email attribute in the "Email address" field. In this case, the email attribute you need to select is called "value" in the "Email[]" category. In our example, click on the "email address" field to see the various attributes. Then select the "Value" attribute in "Email[]". See the screen shot below:

Integromat-2 Tip: if you don't know which variable to use, you can start the workflow by clicking on "Run Once" in the workflow. You will then be able to see an example of the variables to the right of their name. integromat-13

4.3 Then, from the Brevo contacts list, select the username where you would like the contacts to be added. Then, click validate.


5. You will then need to select a time interval for the update. To do so, you just need to click on the clock in the first module. In our example, we're going to choose to update the Brevo contacts list every day at 1.30pm.


6. You can now test this by simply clicking on the "Run Once" button in the bottom left-hand corner of your workflow. You can then follow the progress of the update via the small circles above the modules. You will also be able to see your contacts added on Brevo in the desired list

Integromat-5 integromat-7

7. To finish, click on the Save button, rename the workflow if required, then click on "Edit Exiting" Note: if you get an error message when you launch the workflow, click on the magnifying glass to get more details. If, for example, an email address is invalid, you can ignore all of the errors. By clicking on "Ignore all errors", your workflow will no longer be suspended due to an error.

integromat-14 integromat-12

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