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Integromat: integrating all your contacts from an application to Brevo

Integromat is a tool that lets you interconnect applications and automate recurring tasks. For example, you can automatically add an application's contacts to a specific list on Brevo.

What type of actions can be automated?

Using Integromat, you can perform several actions in Brevo:

  • Add or update contacts into a list of your choice
  • Send an SMS or email
  • Send a test email
  • Get information on a contact, transactional or marketing list
  • Retrieve openings/clicks/unsubscriptions and more besides from your transactional emails (webhooks)
  • Get email campaign reports and send them by email

How does Integromat work?

Register on Integromat, where you can try Integromat for free. Integromat lets you generate up to 1,000 operations per month for free. If you require additional operations, you can check out the monthly subscriptions here.

You need to set up workflows on Integromat. A workflow organizes actions between applications. For example, you can create a workflow to extract your Pipedrive CRM contacts and add them to a Brevo contacts list. This workflow example has 2 steps: retrieval of the Pipedrive contacts and the adding of these contacts to Brevo.

A few integration examples

You can synchronize several applications with Brevo: such as Pipedrive, Google Sheets, Zoho CRM, Slack and more besides. You just need to create a workflow on Integromat and then add the steps you require.

Here are a few Integromat integration tutorials:

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