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My WhatsApp campaign has been paused

Your campaign has been paused by Meta until Month Day, Hour after some issues were identified (most of the time it's because the message was reported or blocked by some users). You'll be able to resume sending your campaign after this time. 

Bear in mind that if this campaign keeps getting paused, it will eventually be disabled by Meta. To avoid this situation, we invite you to review our tips to drive high-quality conversations and edit your template.

⏸️ Why has my WhatsApp campaign been paused?

If your WhatsApp campaign's template receives too much negative feedback from your recipients (report or block), it will reach the lowest quality rating and be automatically paused by Meta for a period of time to protect the quality rating of your phone numbers that have used the template. You will be notified of this pausing by Meta by email, and on your Brevo WhatsApp app. 

⏲️ How long will my WhatsApp campaign be paused? 

The period of pausing depends on the number of times your template reaches low quality: 

  • 1st Instance: Paused for 3 hours
  • 2nd Instance: Paused for 6 hours
  • 3rd Instance: Disabled

A paused WhatsApp template cannot be sent to recipients. You will only be able to resume the sending of your WhatsApp campaign using this template when its status will be set to Active again. Your template will automatically unpause at the end of the pause duration and you will be notified of its status change by Meta by email. Its quality rating will be reset to a quality rating based on the most recent recipient feedback it has received.

💪 What can I do to prevent my WhatsApp campaign from being paused again? 

If your recipients reported or blocked your campaigns, it may mean that they weren't expecting the content inside your campaign or the campaign itself. We highly recommend to:

A paused WhatsApp template doesn't impact your phone number messaging limit. All your high-quality templates can continue to be sent from this phone number. However, if a high quantity of your WhatsApp templates reaches low-quality ratings, your phone number messaging might be impacted. 

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If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.

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