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Edit the usage limitations allocated to a sub-organization

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The Enterprise solution is only available on a BrevoPlus plan. For more information, check our BrevoPlus website or get in touch with our Sales team.

You can set the monthly consumption limitations for users and emails for your sub-organization.

❗️ Important
If you choose to set no limitation on consumption, credits that are over the pre-defined limits of your plan will induce overages, that is to say, additional charges.

To manage the monthly consumption limitations of a sub-organization:

  1. Next to the name of the sub-organization for which you want to edit the consumption limitations, click Manage sub-organization.
  2. In the Consumption limitations tab:
    • Define the number of users for that sub-organization.
    • For emails, use the slider to define the number of credits you want to allocate to the sub-organization.
  3. Once you're done, click Apply.

The credits have been allocated to the sub-organization and will be automatically renewed each month.

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