What is WonderPush?

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For now, WonderPush is only available on an Enterprise plan. For more information, check our website or get in touch with our Sales team.

As part of our constant efforts to improve and better meet your needs, Brevo has acquired WonderPush! WonderPush by Brevo allows you to create targeted push notifications and popups for all major native websites and mobile platforms and gives you valuable insights into your campaigns. WonderPush is GDPR compliant, fast, and offers many features.

To get started with WonderPush, go to Campaigns > Push and click Activate Push.

Good to know

If you already have a WonderPush account, you can access it from Brevo with the same email address, and all your data will still be available.

What are push notifications and popups?

Push notifications are short messages that websites can send to your desktop or mobile device, even when you're not actively browsing the website. They appear as notifications similar to those from apps on your phone or computer. Push notifications can be used to send a variety of timely messages, such as offers and promotions, event reminders, or personalized recommendations. Only visitors who have allowed push notifications will receive them.


Popups are also messages, but they appear directly on the website or the app when you are actively browsing them. Their content is diverse and can include surveys, contact forms, rating forms, URLs, or even videos.


Why use WonderPush?

There are many reasons to choose WonderPush:

  • Quick setup
    With well-documented SDKs, creating and sending push notifications for mobile and web platforms is quick and easy.
  • User friendly
    An online dashboard for marketers and a user-friendly API for developers make it easy to send targeted push notifications.
  • GDPR compliant
    Your privacy is important and WonderPush takes measures to ensure that your data is always kept safe. They never share your data with third parties and have strict policies in place to protect your users' privacy. Their SDKs are fully documented and they provide easy-to-use tools for managing user consent. Users can also conveniently download or delete all their data.
  • Fast delivery
    WonderPush delivers 350,000 messages per second, that is to say, 21 million per minute. Your users receive messages in real-time, ahead of competitors.

Get started with WonderPush

Ready to use WonderPush? WonderPush already has its own complete help center, so check these articles to get started:

To learn more, check the WonderPush documentation.

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If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.

If you’re looking for help with a project using Brevo, we can match you with the right certified Brevo expert partner.

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