Exclude and filter recipients from your email campaigns

When creating your email campaign, you can choose your recipients from your existing lists and segments in the Recipients step. However, you may need to:

  • Exclude (Don't send to) certain segments or lists that might contain recipients you don't want to send the campaign to. For example, this can be useful if some of your contacts are present in several lists and you don't want them to receive your newsletter.
  • Filter recipients of your campaign according to certain criteria, using the segmentation tool integrated into the Recipients step. For example, you can decide to send your campaign only to recipients whose account manager is Abby or John.

🚰 Exclude and filter recipients from your email campaigns

  1. Access and fill in the Recipients step of your email campaign creation. 
  2. Click Advanced options to display the Don't send to and Filter recipients options.
  3. Define your exclusion lists and segments, and/or filter your recipients:
    Don't send to Filter recipients

    In the Don't send to drop-down list, choose the contact lists or segments to exclude from your recipients. The campaign will be sent to all selected contacts except those in the lists or segments selected in the Don't send to option. 

    ❗️ Important
    If a contact in your recipient list is also in your exclusion list, they will not receive the campaign.

Congratulations! 🎉 Your recipients have now been selected for this campaign. The new number of recipients has been updated so you know how many emails will be sent. Click Save and continue with the Subject and Design steps of your email campaign creation.

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