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Why use a double opt-in subscription form?

What is double opt-in confirmation?

The double opt-in subscription process requires the subscriber to complete two steps to be added to your email list: 

  1. Your new subscriber enters their email address on your sign-up form.
  2. After submitting the form, the subscriber must click the link in a confirmation email.

The double opt-in confirmation feature allows subscribers to verify that they want to receive your emails. This feature eliminates accidental subscriptions and potential annoyances. This option is also advised for GDPR compliance. 

Advantages of double opt-in confirmation

  • For your contacts:
    • Allows them to verify they didn’t make a mistake when registering.
  • For you:
    • Improved engagement: You have the assurance of knowing a subscriber is truly interested in receiving your emails.
    • Reduced hard bounces: Since the subscriber confirmed their email address twice, you drastically reduce the number of hard bounces (invalid email addresses) in your campaigns.
    • Improved deliverability: When signing up for your emails, the subscriber is told to look for a confirmation email from you. If they don't see it in their inbox, they'll check their spam folder. When clicking the confirmation link, most will also move this message out of spam, ensuring your future messages will reach their inbox. Learn how to set up a subscription form using a double opt-in process in our articles Create a double opt-in (DOI) confirmation template for Brevo form and Create a subscription form - Part 4: Add a double opt-in confirmation to your form.
    • You have protection against malicious competitors who may provide you with phony email addresses to damage your reputation.
    • You remain compliant with laws and regulations in some countries: the double opt-in is mandatory in several countries, including the European Union.

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