Why use a double opt-in subscription form?

One effective way to ensure that your contact database is filled with engaged and interested subscribers is to implement a double opt-in process for your subscription form. Unlike a single opt-in process, where users only need to provide their email address to subscribe, a double opt-in process requires an extra step of confirmation from the subscriber to confirm they want to receive your emails.

What is double opt-in?

doi_process_en-us.png Double opt-in is a process for adding new contacts to your email list. It involves collecting an email address through a subscription form and sending a confirmation email to that address in order to validate the contact information before adding it to the list.

In contrast to a single opt-in process, where subscribers are immediately added to an email list upon providing their email address, the double opt-in process adds an additional layer of protection to prevent fake email addresses or uninterested contacts from signing up.

Some marketers may view this process as creating too much friction in the subscription process. However, it can result in a higher-quality list and reduce the effort required to manage your email list. Additionally, this process is recommended for GDPR compliance.

What are the advantages of the double opt-in process?

🤝 Higher engagement

Using a double opt-in process guarantees that your list has only valid email addresses. This is because in order to be added to the contact list, new subscribers have to click a link in an email to confirm their subscription. This prevents issues related to typos in the subscription form or people submitting fake or disposable email addresses.

Furthermore, if your subscribers have gone through a double opt-in process, you can be confident that they are fully aware of their actions and genuinely interested in receiving your emails. This will prevent wasting time and effort on re-engaging someone who was never truly interested in your business or your email campaigns.

📩 Improved deliverability

The double opt-in method helps marketers eliminate spam traps, emails with typos, and their competitors’ attacks aimed at harming the sender’s reputation. With this method, you’ll collect a high-quality contact list and send campaigns to engaged subscribers that will result in high email deliverability, open rates, and overall email performance. It will also drastically reduce the number of hard bounces (invalid email addresses) you will get after sending your campaigns.

Additionally, if your confirmation email ends up in your recipients' spam folder, they will most probably move the email out of spam, ensuring your future messages will reach their inboxes.

To learn how to set up a subscription form using a double opt-in process, check our dedicated article Create a subscription form.

⚖️ Compliance with laws and regulations

Having a GDPR-compliant opt-in process means being able to show proof of consent for every contact in your database.

While this doesn’t mean that a double opt-in is required by the GDPR, it can be helpful for showing easy proof that a contact has consented by clicking to verify their email address. It’s also helpful to have an extra level of protection from someone submitting someone else's email address without their knowledge.

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