How is your website data uploaded to Brevo Automation?

Your website data is uploaded by installing a Brevo Tracker script, a call identify and a track events.

To understand this in more depth, you need to analyze how the main script works.


  1. Installing the Tracker script will generate the creation of a "session_id". A "session_id" is a unique identifier per contact that is generated by the Automation JavaScript. Note that this session_id is first party, installed on the client domain.

  2. The script will then record all of the visitors to your website with a session_id. This session_id is generated by a GET request from the application, which will retrieve the session_id along with other information such as the "key" linked to your Brevo account and the page visited, for example.
    This request will initiate a call identify, which will define the email address for the session_id based on where you added your script. So the email address will be linked to a session_id for the duration of the call identify.

  3. The final step – from the Brevo database - involves linking the session_id with the "key" from your Brevo account and the email address if it is included in your contact database.

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