Facebook Lead Ads: integrate your new contacts

It is very easy to integrate Facebook Leads Ads with Brevo using Zapier. Zapier is designed to connect apps and actions. More specifically, every time you add a new contact to Facebook Leads Ads, it will automatically be added to Brevo.

Easy to set up in just a few steps:

  1. Log onto Zapier or create a new accountThis zap requires a Zapier monthly subscription
  2. Click here to access our pre-configured zap
  3. Create the link with Facebook Leads Ads by clicking on "Connect" in the pre-configured zap you have just opened
    • Select the Facebook page you need
    • Click on "Save + Continue"
  4. Log onto Brevo. To do so, you just need to add the API key you'll find here
    • Select the list to which you will add your new contacts
    • On the "Email" tab, click on "Insert fields" and select the attribute that corresponds to the email address in Facebook Leads Ads
    • You can also add other attributes. Make sure you enter the exact name of the Brevo attribute, e.g. NAME and add the attribute from the corresponding applicationFacebook_Leads_Ads_Zapier_1
    • Click on "Save + Finish"
  5. You can then test your Zap. Click on "Test out my Zap" and follow the instructions to run the test
  6. Confirm and activate your Zap and you're all set!

Note: Zapier only allows you to share new contacts between two applications once the Zap has been activated. It does not allow you to import all your previous contacts. You can also create your own zaps in Zapier.

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