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Reviewing your transactional email reports

Transactional emails are a crucial component of any business's communication strategy, as they are sent to customers and users in response to specific actions or events. It is essential to monitor the statistics of transactional emails to ensure they are performing effectively. By doing so, you can ensure that your emails are being delivered to the intended recipients, are being opened, and are driving desired actions, such as clicks or purchases.

Review your transactional email reports

Your transactional email reports are divided into 4 different tabs:

Real time Statistics Logs Settings

The Real time tab details the recent activities of your emails.


Last 30 minutes

Under the Real time tab, you will find a Last 30 minutes section. This section provides you with a comprehensive view of your business through performance indicators:

  • Events: number of events (transactional emails sent, bounced, opened, etc.) detected by Brevo.
  • Delivered: number of recipients who received your transactional emails.
  • Opens: number of times your recipients opened your transactional emails.
  • Clicks: number of clicks on a link in your transactional emails.
  • Bounced: number of soft and hard bounces generated by your transactional emails.

Per minute/Per second


In the Per minute and Per second sections, you also have the ability to monitor the sending of your transactional emails with aggregations per minute and per second. The real-time graph is composed of the main indicators of your transactional emails (opens, clicks, bounces, etc.).


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