Will my contacts know that I’m using Brevo?

If you do not want your clients to know that you are using Brevo to send your email campaigns,  delete the Brevo logo and/or customize your DKIM signature

Delete the Brevo logo from your footer

Depending on the Monthly Plan you subscribed to, the Brevo logo might be displayed in the footer of your emails:

  • If you have a free plan, the logo will always be displayed in your footer.
  • If you have a Starter plan, you can purchase this option for an additional cost.
  • If you have a Business or Enterprise plan, the Brevo logo does not appear in your email campaigns.


Customize your DKIM signature

If you did not authenticate your domain signature, your recipients might see Brevo's domain signature instead of yours when receiving your email:


After customizing your DKIM signature, the Brevo domain signature will be replaced by your custom one. To learn more, check our dedicated article Customize your DKIM signature.

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If you’re looking for help with a project using Brevo, we can match you with the right certified Brevo expert partner.

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