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Why is my campaign set as "Scheduled" before "Running/Sent"?

While your send request is being processed, your email campaign will be set as Scheduled. After that, your email campaign will automatically change to Running, before finally being marked as Sent.

Here is a more detailed explanation of each email campaign status: 

  • Draft: your email campaign has been saved but not sent
  • Scheduled: your send request is being processed and your email campaign is queued to be sent
  • Running: your send request has been processed and your email campaign is being sent
    Note that it can take up to 24 hours, we are listing the reasons below
  • Sent: the sending is over and your email campaign has been delivered to your contacts
  • Suspended: the sending of your email campaign was canceled
  • Archived: your email campaign is stored in your archive and does not appear in the All email campaigns list

Why does my campaign take time to be sent?

Your campaigns may take a long time to be sent for many reasons. We have listed some of the most important and recurring ones:

  • Slow or overloaded mail servers
  • If the email contains attachments
  • If the platform experiences technical problems
  • Email providers and ISPs restrict connections and message numbers; exceeding these leads to queued emails

On your recipient side:

  • Their anti-spam filters that can perform additional checks
  • Internal company domains that may have additional security filters
  • Some providers offer timed send/receive cycles that can take a few seconds to 15 minutes
  • Depending on the recipient's provider (AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail), delivery may be delayed up to 24 hours
  • Their mailbox may be full

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