What are the different types of blocklisted contacts?

A blocklisted contact is a contact who is excluded from receiving your communications from a specific channel, such as email campaigns or transactional SMS.

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Contacts blocklisted from your campaigns

Contacts can be blocklisted from different marketing channels and for different reasons:

Email campaigns SMS campaigns WhatsApp campaigns


  • They have unsubscribed from your email campaigns by using your unsubscription form.
  • They have marked your email campaigns as spam.
  • An email campaign sent to the contact resulted in a hard bounce.
  • You have blocklisted them manually (individually or through an import).

When a contact is blocklisted from your email campaigns, they won't receive any of your email campaigns anymore. That means that if you send an email campaign to a list that contains a blocklisted contact, they will not be included as a recipient and you won't use any of your email credits for them.

Contacts blocklisted from your transactional sendings

Contacts can be blocklisted from different types of transactional channels and for different reasons:

Transactional emails Transactional SMS
  • They have unsubscribed from your transactional emails by using your unsubscription form (if you included one).
  • They have marked your transactional emails as spam.
  • A transactional email sent to the contact resulted in a hard bounce.
  • You have blocked them manually.

Transactional emails have a different blocklisting behavior than other channels. By default, when a contact unsubscribes from your transactional emails, they are only blocked from the sender of this specific email. This means that they won't receive any transactional emails from them anymore but can still receive transactional emails sent from another sender. This way, if a contact unsubscribes from a transactional email, they may still receive important notifications such as order confirmations or password reset.

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You can also manually block a specific domain from receiving your transactional emails. This is useful if you're having issues with bots from a specific domain attacking your subscription form, for example. To learn more, check Block specific domains from receiving your transactional emails.

What should I do with my blocklisted contacts?

If you have blocklisted contacts in your account, you may be wondering what you should do with them. Should you delete them? Are they impacting your entire database? Could they affect your future sendings? The short answer is that you don't need to do anything!

When contacts are blocklisted from a specific channel, Brevo prevents you from contacting them through that channel. That means you won't be charged for these contacts and that you will stay compliant with their wishes not to be contacted anymore, even if you keep them in your account.

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We highly recommend you do not delete your blocklisted contacts and keep them in your account to ensure that:
  • You don't lose important data, including their contact history.
  • You don't accidentally re-import them as subscribed contacts and contact them by mistake, which would negatively impact your deliverability.

Are blocklisted contacts added to my total number of contacts?

Yes, contacts who have been blocklisted are still added to your total number of contacts. You can still see these contacts in your lists and even view their information, but they will be excluded from receiving your communications.

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