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Where can I find my Marketing Automation statistics?

In this article, we will explain where to find your Marketing Automation statistics to evaluate how your workflows and emails performed, and to further improve your communication strategy.

You can find your workflows statistics in Automation and the statistics of emails sent through an Automation workflow in Transactional.

Automation statistics

To view the statistics of a specific Automation workflow:

  1. Go to Automation.
  2. Next to a workflow name, click more-action-icon.png > See all statistics to view the percentage of contacts in each step of the workflow, and the opening, clicking, and unsubscribing statistics when an email template is sent.
  3. Click View more statistics to view more advanced statistics for the workflow. 

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Automation logs

To find your Automation workflow logs:

  1. Go to Automation > Logs.
  2. In the Workflow logs tab, filter the date, your workflows, and the steps of the workflow you want to view.
  3. In the Event logs tab, filter the date, the event, and the workflow you want to view.
  4. In the Contacts in Workflows tab, filter the date, your workflows, and the steps of the workflow you want to view.

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Transactional statistics

To view the statistics of your transactional emails:

  1. Go to Transactional > Statistics.
  2. Filter the date, your senders, and tags.

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Transactional logs

To find your transactional emails logs:

  1. Go to Transactional > Logs.
  2. Filter the date, the event you want to view, your senders, and tags.

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