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PrestaShop plugin (1.6) - Installation and configuration

đź’ˇ Good to know
The PrestaShop 1.6 plugin is not available for download anymore. If the PrestaShop 1.6 plugin is already installed on your website, you can keep using it as it is still functional. However, we highly recommend you upgrade to PrestaShop 1.7, as our API v2 won't be supported anymore by the end of the year.
To upgrade from PrestaShop 1.6 to the latest version of PrestaShop 1.7, PrestaShop provides a 1-Click Direct Upgrade module. Find out more on PrestaShop's Marketplace.

The Brevo plugin for PrestaShop allows you to set up an effective email and/or SMS marketing strategy from your PrestaShop website. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to:

  • Install and activate the module.
  • Synchronize newsletter subscribers: the module automatically integrates with the newsletter subscription form on your website. Create and send email campaigns using an ultra-powerful responsive drag & drop editor.
  • Synchronize orders: the module automatically uploads your PrestaShop sales into your Brevo account making it possible to segment your contacts based on sales generated.
  • Send transactional emails: optimize the deliverability of your messages (account creation, order confirmation, etc.)
  • Set up Marketing Automation workflows: track your shoppers' activity on your website thanks to the Marketing Automation script and recover lost sales thanks to an abandoned cart workflow.
  • Send SMS: communicate with your customers across multiple channels, directly from your PrestaShop back office.

Before you start

Gather the following information prior to installation and use:

  • Brevo account credentials. If you don't have an account, sign up for free.
  • Brevo API v2 key. Follow the instructions here to locate your API v2 key.
  • PrestaShop website admin panel access.
đź’ˇ Good to know
To utilize all extension features, please ensure your Brevo account has been validated and you are able to send emails from Brevo's Campaigns and Transactional platforms.  

Installing the module

You have two options to install the module: through the PrestaShop back office or through the Brevo module page.

PrestaShop Back Office

  1. Login to the back office of your PrestaShop website.
  2. Go to the Modules and Services tab.
  3. Type "Brevo" in the search bar.
  4. Click on Configure.

As Brevo is a PrestaShop partner module, the module should be installed by default in your PrestaShop back office.


Brevo Module Page

  1. Access the Brevo module page.
  2. Login to the back office of your PrestaShop website.
  3. Click on the Download button.

Activating the module

Under Step 2. Connect your store to Brevo on the plugin page, select "Yes" to activate the Brevo module. Paste your API v2 key (available here) and click Update.


Synchronizing your contacts

Activate Brevo to manage your subscribers and select the list(s) to which your new subscribers will be added. When you select "Yes", any new PrestaShop contacts will automatically be added to your Brevo account and will appear in the selected list(s).


Which contacts are synchronized?

  • Contacts that have subscribed to your newsletter via the website default footer
  • Contacts that have created a PrestaShop account and agreed to receive your newsletter

What data is synchronized?

If a contact has subscribed via the website default footer, only the EMAIL field will be synchronized.

If a contact has created a PrestaShop account, the following fields will be synchronized:

  • EMAIL - Email of the contact
  • NAME - First name of the contact
  • SURNAME - Last name of the contact
  • CIV - Civility of the contact
  • BIRTHDAY - Date of birth of the contact
  • PS_LANG - Language of the contact
  • COMPANY - Company of the contact
  • SMS - Phone number of the contact
  • GROUP_ID - Group ID, relevant for multistore only
  • STORE_ID - Store ID, relevant for multistore only
  • DEFAULT_GROUP_ID - Groups the contact belongs to
  • CLIENT - Your Brevo account will display "1" as a value when the contact has made an order and "0" when no order has ever been made.
đź’ˇ Good to know
Only PrestaShop default attributes are synchronized by the plugin.

Synchronizing your orders

Activating the tracking code will enable your customer's orders to automatically be uploaded into your Brevo account. This will be very useful for a targeted campaign based on customer spending, for example.


The following fields will be synchronized to your Brevo account as transactional attributes. Those can be seen from Campaign platform > Contacts page > click on email address then on Transactions tab:

  • ORDER_ID (ID) – ID of the order
  • ORDER_DATE (Date) – Date of the order
  • ORDER_PRICE (Number) – Total amount of the order


For each contact, our platform will calculate daily:

  • PS_LAST_30_DAYS_CA - Total amount spent over the last 30 days = SUM[ORDER_PRICE,ORDER_DATE,>,NOW(-30)]
  • PS_CA_USER - Total amount spent = SUM[ORDER_PRICE]
  • PS_ORDER_TOTAL - Total number of orders = COUNT[ORDER_ID]

For further information on formulas, read this article.

How often are contact(s) and their information synced?

After the initial sync, synchronization will be done in real-time.

Sending transactional emails

To send transactional emails (e.g. payment confirmations, order summaries, etc.) through Brevo, select "Yes" to activate Brevo SMTP. This will allow you to optimize the deliverability of your emails, use Brevo templates and check that each email has successfully reached your recipient's inbox, been opened, clicked, etc.



đź’ˇ Good to know
Your SMTP account needs to be activated. If this has not yet been done, you can send a request to our our support team.

Confirmation emails

When a new subscriber subscribes, there are several ways to follow up:

  • No confirmation - visitors will be subscribed to the selected list(s) without any notification
  • Simple confirmation - visitors will be subscribed to the selected list(s) and notified by a follow-up email. Select an active email template from your Brevo account.
  • Double confirmation - visitors that submit a form will be added to the Temp - DOUBLE OPTIN list and a confirmation email requiring them to click to confirm their subscription will be sent. Once they have clicked, they will be added to the selected Brevo list(s).
    • Opt-in email - Select an active email template from your Brevo account that will be used for your new subscriber to confirm their subscription. Note: the template should contain the double opt-in tag as it will be replaced with a generated confirmation link.
    • Confirmation page - Type the URL of the page where a visitor will be redirected after successfully submitting the form. It can be a thank you page or a landing page where you provide additional information.
    • Final confirmation email - Select an active email template from your Brevo account that will be sent after confirming the opt-in email.


đź’ˇ Good to know
Only the PrestaShop default newsletter subscription confirmation can be overridden by a Brevo template.

Setting up Marketing Automation workflows

Track shoppers' activity

The Brevo plugin also allows you to enable Marketing Automation on your website and track your contacts' activity on your website in just one click.

To enable Marketing Automation, check the Enable Marketing Automation via Brevo option on the plugin's home page. Then click Confirm.


Select "Yes" for Marketing Automation and Brevo will automatically install the script to track your contacts' activity on your website.

đź’ˇ Good to know
Make sure that the Marketing Automation feature is enabled on the Apps page of your Brevo account.

Recover lost sales

Select "Yes" to recover abandoned carts. Once Abandoned Cart Tracking is enabled, you will find the following logs in your Brevo account under Automation > Logs > Event logs:

  • Page
  • Identify
  • Track events

The plugin will automatically pass 3 track events that can be used to create abandoned cart or post-purchase automation workflows:

  • cart_updated is passed when an item is added to a cart.
  • cart_deleted is passed when a cart is emptied.
  • order_completed is passed when the order has been made.


đź’ˇ Good to know
A customer has to be identified by their email address to trigger a workflow i.e. a customer who has logged into their account on your PrestaShop store or input their email address during checkout.

Managing SMS

You can send a transactional SMS confirming an order or shipment of an order. plugin_prestashop_EN_6.png

You can also send an SMS marketing campaign directly via the Brevo module by clicking on Send a campaign SMS. Select the recipient(s) and prepare your campaign.


The Brevo module for PrestaShop allows you to optimize communication with your customers and simplify the interaction between your PrestaShop website and your Brevo account.

🤔 Have a question?

If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.

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