Including a sign-up form on Jimdo

You can include a Brevo sign-up form on your Jimdo website. This form will automatically add any new subscribers to your Jimdo website to your Brevo account. Then all you have to do is schedule your campaigns and build your subscribers' loyalty! To do this:

1. Start by creating a sign-up form in Brevo. Follow the steps in this tutorial.

2. Select the size of your sign-up form by clicking on Size.


3. After saving the form, click on "Share" to retrieve the HTML code that needs to be incorporated into your Jimdo website. Edit the code if required and copy the HTML code from the box "Integrated HTML code to copy to your website".

4. Now go to your Jimdo website. Log on to access your website settings.

5. Go to the Jimdo page into which you will insert the sign-up form. You can also include it in your website footer page.

5.1 Click on "Add new element" and move your mouse to the relevant area.

5.2 Click on "Additional elements"

then on "Widget/HTML"

5.3 Paste the HTML code from your sign-up form into the Widget/HTML box and click on Save.

5.4 Wait for your sign-up form to load.


Your Brevo sign-up form will then appear on your Jimdo page.

NB: As is the case with other Jimdo boxes, you can change the location of this box if required.

Now anyone who leaves their email address in this box and clicks on "Subscribe" will automatically be added to the list you selected in your Brevo account.

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