Automatically add and update your new MailChimp contacts in Brevo with Zapier

Migrating from one marketing tool to another can be tedious, and you may need some time to set up Brevo before you fully migrate. Losing important contact data would be detrimental to your business. This is why we have pre-configured a zap that will allow you to migrate smoothlyZapier helps you connect your MailChimp and Brevo accounts to update or add new MailChimp contacts to your Brevo account automatically. It also allows you to update your MailChimp contact information in Brevo. No more data loss! 

Before you start 

  • Create or log into your Zapier account. 
  • Log into your Brevo account and retrieve your API v3 key. To learn how to retrieve your API v3 key in Brevo, check our dedicated article Find your API key.
  • Create contact attributes from the Contact Attributes page in Brevo to match the ones you used in MailChimp. Contact attributes are the different information you have on your contacts, such as email, phone number, and date of birth. To learn more, check our dedicated article What are the different types of contact attributes?.
  • Zapier only allows you to share new contacts between two applications once the Zap has been activated. It does not allow you to import all your previous contacts. To import your previous contacts, as well as add and update your contacts information, use our MailChimp integration. To learn more, check our dedicated article Import your MailChimp contacts to migrate to Brevo or create your own zaps in Zapier.

Part 1: Access the MailChimp + Brevo zap

  1. Access our pre-configured MailChimp + Brevo zap.
  2. Click Try this template to access the zap setup page. 

Part 2: Set up the MailChimp trigger

You first need to connect Zapier to your MailChimp account to allow the recovery of your subscriber's data:

  1. Click New Subscriber in MailChimp to start the MailChimp account setup. 
  2. In the Choose app & event section, the Event is set to New Subscriber by default, which only adds new MailChimp contacts to your Brevo account. Choose the New or Updated Subscriber event if you also want to update your contacts' information in Brevo when updated in MailChimp. 
  3. In the Choose account section, click Sign in to connect to your MailChimp account. A MailChimp login window opens. 
  4. Log In to your MailChimp account and allow Zapier to access it.
  5. Check that you are connected to the correct account and click Continue
  6. In the Audience field, choose the MailChimp audience from which you want to retrieve your contacts. 
  7. Click Continue
  8. Click Test trigger. Zapier will retrieve a recent subscriber's data and display it so you can verify that the retrieved data is correct. 
  9. If the recent subscriber's data is correct, click Continue.

Part 3: Set up the Brevo action

Now that Zapier can retrieve your MailChimp subscribers' data, the Add or Update Contact in Brevo block automatically opens. You need to connect your Brevo account to automatically transfer your MailChimp subscribers' data to the desired Brevo list and set up action you want to perform: 

  1. The Choose app & event section is already configured. In the Choose account section, click Sign in. A window opens to allow Zapier to access your Brevo account. 

  2. Paste your Brevo API v3 key in the field. To learn how to retrieve your API v3 key in Brevo, check our dedicated article Find your API key.
  3. Click Yes, Continue
  4. Check that you are connected to the correct account and click Continue
  5. In the Set up action section: 
    1. In the Email field, choose the MailChimp data field name that corresponds to the email address of your contact. The MailChimp email address data field will be synchronized with the Brevo email attribute. 
    2. In the Lists field, choose the Brevo lists to which you want your MailChimp contact to be added. 
    3. In the Update Type field, you can either choose to:
      • Add your existing Brevo contact to the lists you previously chose, or
      • Remove them from your Brevo lists and reassign them to the lists you chose above. 
    4. In the Attributes field, map your Brevo attributes with your MailChimp data fields. In the left column, type the Brevo attributes you want to synchronize in uppercase, and in the right column, choose the corresponding MailChimp data field. Click + to map more attributes.
  6. Once you are done, click Continue. Zapier creates a MailChimp sample contact and sums up the information that will be synchronized to your Brevo account according to the action you just set up.
  7. Click Test action. The sample contact will be added to your Brevo account as a test.
    💡 Good to know
    If you have a free Zapier plan, you must wait 15 minutes for your Brevo contact database to be updated. Only Zapier's paid plans allow for updates in only 1 to 2 minutes. 
  8. Check your Brevo Contacts page to see if your sample MailChimp contact was correctly synchronized.
  9. If the sample MailChimp contact has correctly been added to your Brevo account, click Publish Zap to allow all your new MailChimp contacts to be added to your Brevo account. 
  10. Click Publish & Turn On to confirm. 

Congratulations! 🚀 All your new MailChimp contacts will automatically be added to your Brevo account, and every time you update a contact in your MailChimp account, it will also be updated in Brevo! 

⏭ What's next? 

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If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.

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