Integrating Nosto (product recommendation module) with Brevo

Nosto is a product recommendation module for e-commerce websites. It lets you offer your customers relevant products based on their tastes and preferences. Now you can add Nosto personalized products to your Brevo emails.

Find out how to integrate Nosto with Brevo

Here are the steps you need to follow to add Nosto personalized products to Brevo. We’re going to use the Nosto Prestashop module as an example. The steps are the same with the Nosto modules for Magento and WooCommerce. You first have to integrate Nosto into your e-commerce website so that the module can analyze your products and make personalized recommendations.

Create and retrieve your (product recommendation) "email widget" in Nosto

  1. Log onto your Nosto module or directly onto the Nosto website
  2. Click on "Emails", then on "Email Widgets"


3. Click on the button "Create a new email widget"

4. Select the type of personalization you want to include in your email or Brevo newsletter


5. In our example, we’ve chosen to send personalized recommendations. Click on the "Next" button nosto-module-EN-3

6. Select Brevo from the dropdown list located at the bottom right of the page


7. Edit your settings, e.g. font size or the color of the product name


8. Click on "Copy to clipboard", then on "Save"


Adding the (product recommendation) "email widget" to your Brevo email campaign

9. Now you need to edit your Brevo newsletter to paste in the Nosto code.

  • If you are using the Responsive Design intuitive editor, add a text block


  • Click on the "Source Code" button for your text block and paste in the previously copied Nosto code (after removing the text already in the source code).
    Click on "OK" to save your campaign.


And that’s all there is to it! Your Nosto block has now been added to your Brevo newsletter and your contacts can start receiving emails containing personalized products identified by Nosto.

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