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Ninja Forms: sending your subscription confirmations via Brevo

Good to know: We no longer provide support for this plugin.

If you use the Ninja Forms add-on in WordPress to create subscription forms, you can use Brevo to send your Ninja Forms emails (e.g. subscription confirmations). All the emails sent from Ninja Forms will be routed through Brevo. You can then review open and click details in your Brevo Transactional account.

To send your Ninja Forms emails via Brevo:

1. Go to the WordPress Backoffice, select Add-ons and click on Add


2. Find the Brevo Ninja Forms add-on and install it on your WordPress website by clicking on the button Install now


3. Once it has been installed, go to the Ninja Forms add-on (Forms in your WordPress Backoffice)

4. Go to Settings and click on the Brevo tab. Add your API key, which you will find here.


5. Click on Save And that’s it! All your Ninja Forms emails will now be sent via Brevo. This will optimize deliverability and give you access to all of your send statistics.

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