Use NiftyImages to personalize the images in your email campaigns

NiftyImages allows you to personalize the images in your email campaigns and create a more engaging and relevant experience for your contacts. Add a personal touch to your images by including the first name or date of birth of your contacts, for instance. You can use any details you are storing about your contacts to create a truly bespoke image.

Before you start

To ensure that the personalized images created in NiftyImages are displayed correctly in your email campaigns, check your Brevo campaign settings and make sure that No is selected for the Hide Images URL option. campaigns_hide_emails_URL_no_en-us.jpg

Step 1. Create a personalized image using NiftyImages

To create a personalized image in NiftyImages, you'll need to add a merge tag to your image. This merge tag will automatically retrieve your contacts' data when sending your email campaign.

  1. Log into NiftyImages or create a new account.
  2. Click Create Image, Timer, or Data Source.
  3. Select Personalized Image.
  4. Select the image you want to personalize or use one of the NiftyImages templates.
  5. Click Merge Tag Layer to add dynamic text to your image.
  6. Click Add or Edit Merge Tags.
  7. Click Edit next to an existing merge tag or create a new one:
    1. Give an internal name to the Merge Tag. This name will be displayed in the URL of your image.
    2. Add Fallback Text in case a contact does not have any data to use in the merge tag. The fallback text will be displayed instead of a blank space.
    3. Click Next.
    4. Select if the Tag Type is Text or Number.
    5. Select the Text Casing to use.
    6. Click Next.
    7. Enter the ESP Merge Tag that corresponds to the Brevo contact attribute you want to display.
      The merge tag should be structured as {{contact.ATTRIBUTE}} where ATTRIBUTE is the name of the Brevo contact attribute exactly as it appears on the Contact Attributes page. For example, for the FIRSTNAME attribute, you should use {{contact.FIRSTNAME}}.
    8. Click Save.
  8. Place the merge tag wherever you want in your image. You can customize its font if needed.
  9. Once you're done creating your image, click Save.

Your personalized image has been created, and you can now retrieve its HTML tag.

Step 2. Retrieve the image HTML tag

Once you've saved your personalized image, NiftyImages provides you with the Image Tag that you should copy and add to your email campaign. The Image Tag is an HTML tag that contains the URL of your personalized image.

Copy the Image Tag:


Step 3. Add the personalized image to an email campaign

You'll now need to insert an HTML block in your email campaign to add the personalized image:

  1. Create or open an email campaign.
  2. At the Design step, drag and drop an HTML block in your email campaign.
  3. Double-click the HTML block to open it.
  4. Replace the existing text with the Image Tag copied in Step 2.
  5. Click Save.

That’s it! You have successfully added a personalized image to your email campaign. When sending your email campaign, the merge tag in your personalized image will be replaced with each contact's information.

For example, here's how our personalized image looks in the Drag & Drop Editor and how it looks when received by a contact named Emily:

Email in the Drag & Drop Editor Email received by a contact named Emily
niftyimages_image_editor_en-us.jpg niftyimages_image_email_en-us.jpg

What other types of images can I create with NiftyImages?

NiftyImages allows you to create other types of personalized images that you can include in your email campaigns. Here are some examples: 

Countdown Timer


Countdown timers can include real-time information, making them effective in driving urgency for time-sensitive promotions and limited-time offers. All timers can be customized to use any font, color, language, or timezone. You can even use date attributes from Brevo to make each countdown unique to the customer.

To learn more, check NiftyImages' dedicated blog post.

📊 Charts

NiftyImages provides customizable charts to uniquely represent your brand and showcase your contacts' data, enhancing your email visuals.

Tailor each chart with custom labels, colors, value representation, legends, titles, and more. You can also personalize the background color, image size, padding, and visibility of X/Y axes based on your chart type.

To learn more, check NiftyImages' dedicated blog post.

📅 Calendars

NiftyImages provides customizable calendars to uniquely represent your brand and showcase your contacts' data, enhancing your email visuals.

Tailor each calendar with custom colors, markers, images, highlighted dates, and more. You can also personalize the background color, labels, and height and width of your calendar.

🗳️ Polls

NiftyImages provides customizable live polls to increase user engagement and collect valuable data on your subscribers.

Tailor each poll with custom images, colors, and fonts. You can add values as percentages or vote counts and update them in real time.

To learn more, check NiftyImages' dedicated blog post.

To learn about NiftyImages' other features, check their website and blog.

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