Integrate Gleam (email collection platform) with Brevo

Gleam is an online software whose email address collection tools can be used to increase the amount of prospects you have. Click here to find out more. Connecting Gleam to Brevo allows you to send all of your Gleam emails via Brevo. Then you can use Brevo to analyze and manage all of the emails sent from your Gleam applications. You can also automatically add a contact list of new Gleam subscribers to Brevo.

Integrating Brevo with Gleam

You can activate integration with Brevo if you have a Gleam Pro plan or higher. Go to your Gleam account, then to "Settings".


To activate integration, you have to copy and paste your Brevo API key. Go to this page to retreive your API key. Once you have enabled Brevo integration in Gleam, you will need to include a "Subscribe" action in your Gleam campaign. This action should contain the name of the contact list to which you will send your new subscribers. Please be aware that the name of this list must exactly match the name of a contact list that already exists in your Brevo account. Your new Gleam contacts will then automatically be added to the list selected in Brevo.


And that’s it! Gleam and Brevo are now connected and you can fully benefit from both platforms!

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