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Create a GDPR-compliant SMS subscription form

In this article, we will explain how to create an SMS subscription form and make sure it is GDPR-compliant.

Good to know

Your SMS subscription form must:

  • be explicit about the type of data collected and the reason why it is collected. If data is to be used for different purposes, specific consent is required for each one (e.g. informative or promotional SMS);
  • include a link to your privacy policy detailing how data is processed;
  • add a mandatory checkbox to submit the form.

Step 1: Create 3 contacts lists

💡 Good to know
To learn how to create a contact list, check our dedicated article Create and manage folders and contact lists.

To collect your contacts' explicit consent to send them promotional SMS and SMS based on the use of their data, you need to create three different lists:


  1. A master list that will be linked to the form and that will contain all contacts who have submitted the form. Here, we have called it the “GDPR - all SMS contacts” list.
  2. A list that will contain all contacts who have given their consent to receive promotional SMS. Here, we have called it the “Promotional SMS” list.
  3. A list that will contain all contacts who have given their consent to receive SMS based on the use of their data. Here, we have called it the “SMS based on my data” list.
💡 Good to know
You can later change the name of your lists directly from your subscription form.

Step 2: Create your SMS subscription form

To create your SMS subscription form, check our dedicated series of articles:

Enable the GDPR fields

To include a GDPR field and a GDPR declaration in your SMS subscription form, you can:

  • Enable the Enable GDPR fields option in the setup of your form, or
  • Manually drag and drop the GDPR field and GDPR Declaration blocks in your form.

Enable the multi-list subscription option

The multi-list subscription option enables you to create GDPR-compliant forms by allowing your contacts to choose the type of SMS they want to receive.

To enable the multi-list subscription option:

  1. Drag & drop the Multi-list subscription field from the left panel of the form editor to your form.mceclip3.png
  2. From the Select your lists dropdown on the left panel, select the 2 lists you previously created that should be displayed in the form.
  3. Click on Apply.
  4. Modify the Label name to a sentence that explicitly asks for your contacts’ consent, e.g. “I agree to receive:”, by changing the text directly within the form editor. 
  5. Optional: modify the name of your lists by changing the text directly within the form editor.
  6. Make sure the Required field option is enabled so that your contact will have to check a box to submit the form.

Step 3: Select your master list

In the Lists section, select the master list you previously created that will store all the contacts who submitted your SMS subscription form.


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