Enable your contacts to subscribe or unsubscribe from specific lists using a form (multi-list subscriptions)

By including a multi-list subscriptions block in your subscription or update profile forms, you can empower your contacts to tailor their experience by selecting their interests and preferences. This, in turn, allows them to effortlessly subscribe or unsubscribe from specific lists within Brevo based on their individual preferences.

What is the multi-list subscriptions block?


The multi-list subscriptions block is an element that you can add to your subscription and update profile forms. It lets your contacts pick their interests. Each choice links to a specific contact list you've created in Brevo.

When someone picks an interest, they're added to the corresponding list. If they remove an interest, they're removed from the corresponding list. It's a straightforward way for people to customize their preferences.

Step 1: Create interest or preference-based lists

Each interest or preference displayed in your form corresponds to a specific contact list that you have created in Brevo. In our example below, we have created three lists for a yoga business: General tips, News about online classes, and Promotional offers. This way, when our contacts choose what topics interest them most or don't interest them anymore, they will be added or removed from the corresponding lists in Brevo.

Additionally, you can create a "master" contact list to be associated with your form. In our example below, we have created a list named All newsletter subscribers. This way, all contacts who complete your form will also be added to this list.

To learn how to create the contact lists for your subscription form, check our dedicated article Create lists and folders to organize your contacts.

💡 Good to know
If needed, you can change the display names of the lists directly within the form.

Step 2: Create or choose a form

  1. Go to Contacts > Forms.
  2. From the Subscription or Update profile tab, create a new form or choose an existing one. To learn how to create a subscription or update profile form, check our dedicated articles Create a subscription form and Create an update profile form.

Step 3: Add the multi-list subscription block to your form

  1. At the Design step of your form, drag and drop the Multi-list subscription block into your form.
  2. From the Select your lists dropdown, select which interest or preference-based lists to display in the form and click Apply.
  3. From the Display option dropdown, choose if you want to display the lists as checkboxes or as a multi-select dropdown.
  4. Optional: Add a Label, Help text, and/or mark the field as Required.
  5. Optional: Choose a font, size, color, and add formatting to your text.
  6. Optional: Edit the label and name of each list by changing the text directly within the form editor.

  7. Click Save.

Step 4: Choose a master contact list

At the Lists step, you can choose an additional "master" contact list where all contacts will also be added, regardless of the previous list(s) they chose.

That's it for the multi-list subscription setup. To learn how to share your form, check our dedicated articles Create a subscription form and Create an update profile form.

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