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Hide the chat widget on specific website pages

This feature is only available on our Chat Pro plan

Brevo's Conversations allows you to disable the chat widget on the web pages of your choice. To do so, you have to use targeted chats (or triggers):

  1. Go to Settings > Targeted chats & triggers.
  2. Click on + New trigger
  3. In the Trigger ## field, give a relevant name to your trigger and in the Description field, give information about your trigger, such as what it is used for and where it is used.
    This information will help you recognize the trigger among your other triggers.
  4. Choose the conditions of your triggers:
    1. WHEN: choose Agents are either online or offline so the widget is always hidden, regardless of your agents’ status.
    2. IF: pick the CURRENT URL condition and, depending on the option you chose from the drop-down list, paste the link to a specific web page or write a word contained in specific URLs where you want the chat widget to be disabled.
      💡 Good to know
      If you want to disable the chat widget on multiple web pages, add as many CURRENT URL conditions as needed. You can always remove a URL by clicking on the X next to the corresponding CURRENT URL.
    3. THEN: In this case, choose the Once per page load and Hide the widget completely options. 
  5. Check the Enable the trigger box if you want to use it right away.
    You can always edit, disable or enable it later from the Trigger page.
  6. Click Save.

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