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In this article, we will create a Facebook campaign thanks to our Facebook Ads tool. Brevo offers the possibility to use Facebook Ads to boost your marketing efforts and reach a large audience.

To learn more about what are Facebook Ads, check our dedicated article What are Facebook Ads?

💡 Good to know
If you don’t already have a Facebook page for your brand, you will need to create one here. When creating your first Facebook Ad, you will authorize Brevo to connect to Facebook and your brand’s Facebook page to display your ads.

Before you start

  • Think about what you want your Facebook Ad to achieve. Do you want to drive traffic to your website to gain new email subscribers? To promote a new product or sale? Knowing your goal will help you create a more effective ad campaign.
  • Confirm that you r brand’s content is not prohibited or restricted by Facebook’s advertising policies.
  • Confirm that you have a valid payment method active in Brevo.

📝 Creating your campaign

⚙️ Step 1: Setup 

  1. Click Campaigns > Facebook Ads > Create a Facebook campaign.
  2. Give your campaign a name (for internal reference).
  3. First-time users will need to click Connect Facebook and follow the steps on-screen.mceclip0.png
  4. Once connected, select which Facebook page you want to promote in the campaign.
💡 Good to know
The page you wish to use for your Facebook ads has to be published and may not be the primary page of another Facebook Business Manager (other than the one connected to your Brevo account). If you do not see your desired page listed, it is likely unpublished or the primary page of another Facebook Business Manager.

👥 Step 2: Audience

Select who should see your ad on Facebook. We recommend you to use the Both option to target as many people as possible. 


Contacts Lookalikes Both

With the contacts option, you get to select contacts from your existing contacts lists. Your ad will be directly sent to them. 

You have to select at least 20 contacts. 

  1. Click Contacts
  2. Choose your list(s) of contacts, you want to target with your ad. 
    You can also filter your contacts to get more precision in your search. 
    To learn more about filters, check our dedicated article Use search filters.
  3. Click Save

💰 Step 3: Schedule & Budget

In this step, you get to schedule dates for your ad, set the maximum amount to spend for the entire campaign, and add a payment method. 

Every Brevo users have to pay for Facebook ads, no matter their plan. A daily minimum spending of 6€ is required. This means, that if you want to run your ad for 7 days, the total budget has to be at least 7 x the minimum daily spend.

To learn more about Facebook ads bills, check our dedicated article How are Facebook Ads billed?


💡 Good to know
Facebook will optimize the way your campaign budget is spent to maximize your results and keep your cost per click as low as possible. While the daily budget may vary, the total spend will not exceed your total budget set. If there is an unspent budget, it will be credited back to your Brevo account balance after the campaign is completed.

🖋 Step 4: Content

In this step, you get to build an ad by inputting a bit of content. 

To give some context, we'll imagine we are creating a Facebook Ad for an imaginary coffee shop, "Roaster’s Coffee".


  1.  Add the text for your ad.
    Inform your audience about what you're promoting. You simply showcase the shop itself and promote your brand. 
  2. Add the URL of your page, so that traffic can be driven to your shop’s site.
     This is the key to your ad’s success.
  3. Include an attractive image that represents your promotion, such as lattes and pastries in our case. Ensure it aligns with Facebook’s restrictions for ads to prevent approval issues. Use a text-free image for Facebook ads to avoid rejection. To learn more check Facebook’s help section.
    💡 Good to know
    If you need a free stock image, try using a tool like Pexels or Unsplash. If you need help resizing your ad image to the ideal size (1,200 x 628 px), try an online design tool such as Canva, BannerSnack, or Bannerwise.
  4. Choose a Call to action.
    In this example, you choose the Show Menu call to action button for our Roaster’s Coffee ad.
  5. Choose a Title for your Roaster’s Coffee ad.
  6. Write a Description for your ad.
    💡 Good to know
    You can also let Facebook fill the title and the description fields automatically. 
  7. You get to see a preview of your ad on the right, this preview evolves as you edit your campaign. 
  8. Click Save, once your ad is ready. 

🚀 Launch your campaign

✅ Confirmation

Before finalizing and submitting your campaign, you will be shown a Confirmation where you can review all elements of your Facebook Ads campaign.

  1. Remember to verify that your content is spelled correctly and that you are pleased with the selected audience, budget, dates, and design.
  2. Click the Content drop-down menu to preview how the ad will appear in all formats (Desktop news feed, Mobile news feed, etc.). 
  3. To revise any element of your ad, simply click the Return to this step link next to Setup, Content, Audience or Budget. After saving your updates, you can return to this Confirmation.

🚀 Launch Ad

When satisfied with your ad, click Launch Ad. This click confirms you approve the ad’s content, audience, schedule and budget, and that your payment method on file may be charged for the total budget.


🔎 Ad review

Facebook’s advertising team reviews all ads before they are displayed. When your ad is approved, it will be displayed during the dates you selected in the Budget step.

If the ad is declined by Facebook, Brevo will notify you so that you may understand the reason(s) and make the appropriate changes before re-submitting your ad.

To learn more about Facebook's review over ads and mistakes that could be avoided, check our dedicated article Facebook advertising guidelines overview

⏭️ What’s Next

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If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.

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