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What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are available directly inside your Brevo account. A Facebook Ad is an efficient type of ad that contains your text, an image, and a link to your website or landing page, and they are displayed on the Facebook website and mobile experiences to selected contacts.

Facebook ads target users based on their location, demographics, interests, and behaviors. They allow you to get your message in front of the people who are most likely to want your products or services.


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If you don’t already have a Facebook page for your brand, you will need to create one here

Why use Brevo for Facebook Ads? 

To engage your current customers on a new channel

Brevo's Facebook Ads tool allows you to reinforce an important marketing campaign with both email and Facebook Ads, or re-engage email contacts who are drifting away.
For example, if you are running a 7-day promotion, your strategy might look like this:

  • Day 1: email campaign announcing the promotion
  • Day 1-5: Facebook Ads campaign announcing the promotion
  • Day 6-7: Facebook Ads campaign reminding that the promotion ends on day 7
  • Day 6: email campaign reminding that the promotion ends tomorrow
  • Day 7: email campaign with a “last chance” message

To use your contacts for a better targeting

In Brevo, you already have a contact base.

You can use these contacts to:

  • Send your Facebook ads directly to them.
  • Use a sample of your best contacts and let Facebook’s intelligent targeting find more customers like them. For example, you could sync your top customers into a specific Brevo contact list and display Facebook Ads to people with similar interests and characteristics.

This allows you to be even more precise in your strategies and target a better audience.

To learn more about our options to use your Brevo contacts for Facebook ads, check our dedicated article Create a Facebook campaign.

To experience an even more all-in-one tool

Creating and managing your Facebook Ads from Brevo is also a great way to centralize even more your marketing tools. You get to send Facebook Ads from the same place you send your emails, use a CRM or any other tool we offer. This all-in-one utilization of Brevo makes it easier for you to organize yourself and be more efficient. 

Do I have to pay for Facebook Ads? 

Yes, even if you pay a Brevo plan, you have to pay for your Facebook Ads, because you pay for a spot on Facebook. 

You set the maximum budget, but the daily minimum spending for a Facebook ad is 6€. Your daily budget is then multiplied according to the number of days you show your Facebook Ad. For example, if your daily maximum budget is 10€, for 7 days, the total maximum budget will be 70€. 

To learn more about Facebook Ads bills, check our dedicated article How are Facebook Ads billed?

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