Integrating appyReward with Brevo

Good to know: We no longer provide support for this integration.



appyReward equips marketers with best-in-class lead and campaign management tools (emailing, contest) that allow Brevo users to easily create attractive campaigns by adding digital incentives within their emails, forms, and landing pages.

The platform gives users full control of the gifting experience to save time and resources while increasing engagement. Beside classic emailing, you can also build e-gift contests or giveaways with full control over the number of prizes and the frequency of winners to stay in budget. Reward delivery and redemption are tracked making it easy to measure your marketing efforts. 

Before you start

You will need to gather the following information prior to setting up the integration:

Setting up the integration 

This video demonstrates the steps to connect your Brevo account with AppyRewards.

First, log in your Brevo account to copy your API v3 key following the instructions here.

After you have copied the API v3 key, log into your appyReward account.

Set up your gift campaign

Create a new campaign


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Choose the type of campaign you would like to create: eGift Campaign.

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Select the integration: Brevo.

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A Brevo pop up will display. Paste your API v3 key then Save.

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Name your campaign.

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Select the type of gift.

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Choose the beginning and end dates as well as the time zone.

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Add a description and click on NEXT.

Add contacts to your campaign

On this screen, you can set the number of contacts to gift. It will create as many access codes (Gift-Links) as subscribers registered in the segment.

In this example, we'll start by adding contacts to "Segment 1". To do so, click on Brevo List

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A pop up with all of your Brevo lists will display. Select the list you want to send a campaign to, then click on the SAVE button. Here we're selecting the Brevo list named "The box".

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The number of contacts will automatically be updated depending on the Brevo list that you have selected.

Optional: Enter your predictable response rate to calculate the minimum number of gifts you need to satisfy the demand. The response rate is a ratio - the percentage of contacts who would claim a reward.

💡 Good to know
Not everyone will claim their gift during your campaign, it is up to you to estimate your response rate to optimize your campaign. During the campaign, you will be notified about the progress of actual deliveries versus the estimates and you may adjust the amounts during the campaign.

Add a gift to your campaign


Set the value of the gift you want to offer by double-clicking on the selected e-gift.

If you choose prepaid e-gift cards, you will need first to top up your account balance with enough funds for this purchase.

In this example, we're selecting Amazon gift cards with a €10 value.

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Click on the CHOOSE button.

For each segment, the budget will be updated. In this example, the budget for "Segment 1" is €70 because there are 7 contacts and each gift card is €10.

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Repeat the same steps for each of your segments.

Click on the NEXT button to move to the "Launch" step.

Activate your campaign

Check the details of your campaign.

For each segment, click on the APPLY button. A pop up will be displayed: appyReward automatically creates a new attribute field by importing unique gift links for each contact. 

Click on the COPY THE ATTRIBUTE button.

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Promote your campaign with Brevo

Go to your Brevo account to create a newsletter to promote your gift campaign.

Add a call to action button and paste the attribute you have just copied into your Brevo campaign template. Attributes generated by appyReward will be in the same format as follows:

{{ contact.GIFT_XXXXXXXXX }} 

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Schedule your campaign to the Brevo list you have selected when creating your segment.

Your contacts will receive your campaign with their personalized unique link to their gift.

⏩ What's next?

🤔 Have a question?

If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.

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