Sync contacts to Brevo (Shopware and Plentymarkets)

Brevo does not provide support for the Shopware plugin. For assistance, log into your Shopware account and create a ticket.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use integration to sync contacts to Brevo. This can be helpful if you want to automate data flow between 2 systems.

Enabling Contact Sync

Enable the contact sync feature by toggling the switch in your integration settings.


Then, use the dropdown menu to choose a list where all newsletter subscribers should be added. A default list is created by default, but you can choose any list in your Brevo account.


Interesting facts

  • The integration allows one-way sync from your store to Brevo. Changes made in Brevo, won't be synced to your store with one exception. The subscription/unsubscription status сan be synced to your store if it is enabled under Additional features.
  • "Newsletter recipients" are synced to Brevo. Contacts and users in your store can be considered as newsletter recipients.
  • Once the settings are saved, an initial sync will run. All changes made after initial sync are pushed to Brevo automatically in the background.

Additional features

Sync contact status

By enabling this feature you ensure that if the status of newsletter recipient is updated on the Brevo side, the change is reflected in your store as well.



Automatically assign attributes

When enabled, contact attributes from your store will automatically be mapped to attributes on Brevo. You can also disable this feature and manually map attributes.

Manually assign attributes

To manually assign attributes you would:

  • Untick 'Autoassign' store contacts attributes to Brevo contact attributes'.

  • Click Mapping data.

Then you will be redirected to the mapping table that looks like this:


Here you can choose what attributes you want to import and map them to one existing in Brevo by clicking on dropdown next to attribute you want to sync. The dropdown menu will show the list of Brevo contact attributes.

For example, I want to import Customer firstname so in the dropdown menu, I selected FIRSTNAME - text.Screenshot_2020-04-06_at.png

When you are happy with the mapping, click Save.



💡 Good to know
You can use a Brevo attribute only once when mapping data. It is not possible to map 2 or more store attributes to 1 Brevo attribute.

Then click Save on the Settings page to complete setup.

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