Manage Subscription confirmation (Shopware and Plentymarkets)

Brevo does not provide support for the Shopware plugin. For assistance, log into your Shopware account and create a ticket.

Take advantage of Brevo's subscription confirmation feature to make sure new subscribers are opt-in and send beautiful templates that you designed through Brevo's to your new subscribers. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how Subscription confirmation feature works.

💡 Good to know
Before you start, make sure your integration is active and the Contact sync feature is turned on.

Enabling subscription confirmation

If you want to use Brevo to manage opt in settings for your store, toggle the feature on.


Once the Subscription confirmation is enabled, all new contacts that subscribe through your default form would need to express their consent to receive newsletters. If the contact confirms their subscription, then the newsletter recipient would be synced to your selected list. 

💡 Good to know
If the feature is disabled but contact sync is enabled, new customers will be added to the selected list after submitting the form without any confirmation. 

Single opt-in 

If single confirmation option is enabled, customers who submitted the default form will get an email. You can select the default template or create your own template.  


Double opt-in 

If double opt-in is enabled, customers who submitted default form will get an email a link to confirm their consent. 


Confirmation page


When the confirmation page feature is enabled you can specify URL to which customers would be redirected after hitting link in confirmation email. If the feature is enabled, but URL is not specified, customers would be redirected to the default Brevo thank you page.

Final email confirmationScreenshot_2020-04-14_at_20.52.04.png

When enabled, customers would receive final email after confirming newsletter subscription. 

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