Track visitor behavior (Shopware and Plentymarkets)

Brevo does not provide support for the Shopware plugin. For assistance, log into your Shopware account and create a ticket.

Tracking visitor behavior allows you to take advantage of advanced features in Brevo Automation. By tracking visitor actions, you can send targeted emails when someone abandons their shopping cart online, for example.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how Track visitor behavior feature works.

Enabling visitor tracking

If Automation is enabled for your Brevo account, you can track visitor actions through the integration. To track visitor actions and abandoned cart events, you can toggle the feature on. 


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When tracking is enabled, a Brevo tracking script will automatically be embedded in your store. 

Track page visits 

Tracking page visits allows you to get log of page visited and build workflows to increase customer engagement.


Abandoned cart

When enabled, this feature allows you to create marketing automation workflows related to abandoned carts. 


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