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Drag & Drop Editor [Classic design] - Part 1: Overview of the drag & drop editor

This article is only for users of the classic Drag & Drop Editor. If you are using the new Drag & Drop Editor, check the dedicated section in the Help Center. To know which version of the Drag & Drop Editor you are using, check our dedicated article.

The Drag & Drop Editor classic lets you create engaging campaigns that automatically fit the screen size of the device displaying them. No HTML knowledge is needed! Just drag and drop the different elements from the left bar to build your campaigns.

We've divided the drag & drop articles into several parts, in this article, we'll have a tour of the interface, explain how to access the settings of the blocks, and move blocks around.

But first, take a look at our detailed video on how to use the Drag & Drop Editor (Classic) 🚀.

Description of the Drag and Drop Editor classic

Top bar

On the top of your screen, you will find the following options:


  • Campaign preview
    On the left, you will be able to preview your campaign on several devices:

    desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  • Load a saved version (Backups)
    If you click Load a saved version, you'll see all the automatic and manual backups of your campaigns. To load a saved version, just click one backup from the list. Once it's loaded, you can resume editing your campaign from there. Every time you make a change, there will be an automatic backup. Every time you click save, there will be a manual backup.
  • Save
    Hit the Save button if you want to save your changes and keep working on the design. If you're finished, you can click Save & Quit. Automatic backups are made but make sure to manually save your changes regularly.
  • Send a test email
    From there, you can send a test email to your test list (Create and use a test list) or by adding emails manually. You can use this functionality to review your emails and make changes until everything is looking the way you wanted.
  • Save & Quit
    When your design is finished, you can click Save & Quit to finalize the set up of your campaign. You can always go back and edit your campaign from the Design step by clicking Edit the Email content.
    • Reset the email design: You can go back to the initial design by clicking this option.
    • Choose another template: you can modify the template of your campaign by picking a new one from the list.
    • Quit without saving: this option will get you back to the set up of your campaign without saving the design.

Left menu: the elements of your email campaigns

The left menu gathers all the elements you can use in your campaigns such as Title, Text, Image, or content elements with a more advances design:


These options are explained in details in our next articles:

Right menu: options and settings of the elements & blocks

On the right, you will access the different options of each block & element. You can either edit the block or element options from here. 

To learn how to edit these settings, please check Part 3: Block options and Elements options

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