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Drag & Drop Editor [Classic design] - Part 3: Block options and Elements options

In the Drag & Drop Editor classic, you have the possibility to adjust the blocks and elements at your convenience. You can choose the background color or image, the spacing between the elements, the positions of the elements, and much more! 

We've divided the drag & drop articles into several parts. In this article, we'll explain the difference between blocks and elements, how to access these two kinds of settings, and what you'll be able to customize to create an email campaign in your image!

Blocks and elements: what is the difference?

A block can contain one or more elements as you can see in the image below. Some blocks contain only one element, but in every case, the block options and elements options are accessible in a different way.
We've gathered generic options in the block options (background color or spacing for example) and more specific options and settings in the element options (link, font family, borders for instance).

On the right of your screen, you will access the different options of each block and element.
You can either edit

  • the block (1) by clicking the pen icon on the top-right corner of the block,
  • or the different elements within the block (2: image, 3: Title, 4: Text, 5: Button) by clicking the element itself:


If you're a little bit lost during this process, the title of the column on the right can help you out:

  • Options: you're updating the block options
  • Title, Image, Text, etc: you're updating the elements options

Block options

To access the block option, click the pen icon on the top right corner of the block. From there, you will be able to edit the spacing, background color, borders or manage dynamic content. Several options are common to all the elements, we will describe the options below.


Background color or image

If you want to add a background color or image to the title/text elements, you need to go to the element options by clicking on the pen icon.

  1. Click the pen icon on the top-right corner of the element.
    The Options panel appears on the right.
  2. Select a color in Background Color
  3. Or click Add a background image and select the image from the gallery. 

To learn how to add an image in the Image Gallery, see the section Adding an image via the Image Gallery of the article Drag & Drop editor (Classic): Design elements (Title, Text, Image, Button & Space).


Border radius

You can give any element "rounded corners" using this setting. Just slide the slider to add rounded corners to your element.


Adding spaces to your design will make your campaign more pleasant to read. From here, you can add spacing at the top and bottom of your element. 

With Content elements, you can even manage the spacing between the blocks as well as the vertical spacing (spacing within the block between the image, title, text & button elements).


Bottom border

The bottom border is another way to design the spaces within your campaign. In this case, you can define the size of the border but also the color. It can be a good way to create a visual separation in your email.

Dynamic content

The Dynamic list option, now called Repeat block, lets you design and format email templates and campaigns that contain placeholders for a list of items that will be populated dynamically: 

  • at the time the email is sent,
  • containing list items that are specific to each email recipient, 
  • and containing a number of items that may vary between recipients.

This is especially helpful when you want to insert a list that may vary in length from recipient to recipient, such as a receipt email template or an RSS campaign.

To learn more about this feature, check our article Repeat a block of items in your emails.

Element settings

To access the settings of each element, just click the element as shown below. The settings will appear on the right menu.

We will describe the settings of each element in their respective articles. You can access these articles using the table of content at the beginning of this article, or using the What's next section.


⏭️ What's next?

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