Drag & Drop Editor - Part 4: Set the design style for your entire email

The Drag & Drop Editor makes it easy to design professional-looking emails. It provides more options to customize your email and also ensures that your email looks perfect on any email client and device.

In this article, we will see how you can set the styles for the whole template from the Design section. For example, you can set the link color and style (bold, italic) which will be applicable for all the links that you add to the template. This way you save time as you do not need to define the styles separately for every link.

We've divided the Drag & Drop Editor articles into the following parts:

To start with, take a look at our detailed video on using Design tab in the Drag & Drop Editor 🚀.

What are the different settings in the Design tab?

The settings are divided into 5 parts: Brand libraryTemplate, Text Appearance, Buttons, and Spacing.

Brand library

brand-library_EN-US.png Set up your Brand Library so that every new template you select will inherit your brand properties, such as logo, colors, fonts, and social media links. In addition to saving you time, Brand Library allows you to maintain consistent email branding. To learn more, check our dedicated article Automatically design your emails with your brand's assets using the Brand Library.


The background and width settings of content blocks can be set from here.


Background color

Choose a background color that will be applied to all the content blocks in your campaign on the whole width. If you only want the body to have a background color, pick a color in the setting Body color below.


Background image

You can either add an image from your files or the stock images by clicking Add background image, or directly add Insert image from URL by pasting the link to the image in this field. You can adjust the position, repetition, and size of the image as required.


Body color

This option allows you to add a background color only to your body as in the example below in blue.


Body Width

Set the width of the content block in pixels. By default, the width is set to 600px. When you change the width, the layout and content blocks are automatically resized. The body width is depicted by the yellow arrow in the below image.


View in browser

Toggle this option to allow your recipients to view an online version of your email campaign if they ever have troubles displaying it in their email clients. A View in browser link will automatically be added at the top of your email. To learn more, check our dedicated article Insert a View in browser (mirror) link in your campaigns.


Text appearance

💡 Good to know
Set up your brand library to choose fonts to use by default for your headings and paragraph. To learn more, check our dedicated article Automatically design your emails with your brand's assets using the Brand Library.

You can choose the text appearance of all the styles (paragraphs, headings, etc). For each style, set the font family, size, and font color from the respective lists. Click on one of the font names and click + Manage fonts if you want to add fonts from Google fonts to your lists or to choose fallback fonts in case your recipients cannot see the font you have chosen first. 


In the Common settings, you'll be able to choose the line height from the default ones or create a custom height, and choose the writing direction (left to right or right to left).

You can also change the font of a specific part of your design by selecting the text and choosing the Font from the formatting bar at the top of the Text block.

❗️ Important
If you changed the font manually by selecting the text and using the formatting bar, the font will not change when you choose a font from Design > Text Appearance.


From there you can define the default style of all the buttons of your newsletter. If you want to change the aspect of all the buttons quickly, do it from here!
You can choose the font style and size, width, radius, color, and border size and color.  



The Spacing setting is available in the Design tab but also when you click on a Style block. It allows you to add Padding which is the space between the element and the border. It is around all four sides of the content and each side size can be changed.

Toggle the Padding button to enable or disable them in one click. Choose which padding or margin size you would like to add for each side of your content by using the +/- buttons or writing the desired size in the text field. 


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