Drag & Drop Editor - Part 3: Use content blocks (Text & Links, Image, Button, etc.)

The Drag & Drop Editor makes it easy to design professional-looking emails. It provides more options to customize your email and also ensures that your email looks perfect on any email client and device.

In this article, we will explain further how to use the content blocks in your emails and how to modify their settings.

We've divided the Drag & Drop Editor articles into the following parts:

Before you start

Set up your Brand Library so that every new template you select will inherit your brand properties, such as logo, colors, fonts, and social media links. In addition to saving you time, Brand Library allows you to maintain consistent email branding. To learn more, check our dedicated article Automatically design your emails with your brand's assets using the Brand Library.

Title and Text

Text formatting toolbar

Select the Text or Title content block from the designer to display the text formatting toolbar at the top of the block with the following options:

  • Styles (paragraph, headings, link, button)
  • Font
  • Size
  • Text color
  • Text formatting (Bold, italics, underlined, strikethrough, superscript, and subscript)


❗️ Important
When you paste content from another campaign or editor, your formatting, tables, and images will not be reflected in the Drag & Drop editor to prevent your content from being ruined by hidden formatting. We recommend you duplicate or save your content block to reuse it in the Drag & Drop editor. 
Colors Add a personalization Insert links

The colors you use in your template will now be saved in the color picker. You can always remove a saved color by selecting a text with this color, clicking the color picker, and then Remove color. It may take a few minutes to disappear.

Watch the video to learn more about adding a link, background color or image and modifying text block settings:

Left panel settings

Same block, different formatting

Click on the Text block to display the left panel with additional settings similar to the ones available in the Design tab. 
For more information on how to use these settings, see Set the design style for your entire email.

With this editor, you can choose different formatting within the same text block. For example, you can have a title followed by a paragraph and bullets. You can also have different colors within the same block. 



You can also add borders to your Text block as well as your images using the Borders setting in the left panel. You can set different sizes and colors for each border or toggle the Apply on all sides button to apply a unique size and color for all borders. 



You can add an image from the Content tab by using the Image block. You will be able to add the image of your choice using drag and drop from your system, your Content library, or by pasting the link to your image in the Insert image from URL field. You can resize or edit your image directly from the editor.

💡 Good to know
The supported images in your are .png, .jpeg, .jpg, and .gif with a max size of 5MB.

There are additional settings in the left panel that are similar to the ones available in the Design tab. 
For more information on how to use these settings, see Set the design style for your entire email.

Add an image

Drag and drop Via the content library From a URL
Easily add images into your email design by dragging and dropping them directly from your system into your Image content block. Your images will automatically be added to your email design and saved into your content library.


Resize an image

To resize an image, click the image you want to resize to select it and place your cursor in the bottom-right corner of the image. Once the arrow appears, pull the corner until you find the perfect size. The size of your image is displayed at the top of it and is automatically updated while you resize the image.
You can also use the Width field from the left panel to resize your image.


Edit an image

Our drag and drop editor includes a photo editor where you can crop your image, add filters, text, or text design. To access the photo editor, click your image and click the Edit button in the Image Settings.


You can also:

Add a link to an image

Adding a link to an image allows you to redirect your recipients. You can redirect them to a page or to a file.

Redirect to a page Redirect to a file

To redirect your recipients to the page of your choice:

  1. Select the image and click icon-add-link.png Add link, or press ⌘ or CTRL + K.
  2. Select the Type of link you want to insert and enter its URL in the Link target field.
  3. Optional: Add a Link title that will appear as a tooltip when hovered.
  4. Click Insert.

Add an alt text to your images

2024-06-21_18-08-02.jpeg An alt text is a brief description of the image that appears if it fails to load or if the recipient is using a screen reader.
Alt text enhances accessibility, improves user experience, and conveys the message even if images are blocked or cannot be displayed.

To add an alt text to your images:

  1. Select the image you want to add an alt text to. The left panel with your content settings opens. 
  2. Find the Alt text field in the Image settings section.
  3. Enter a short description of your image. We recommend writing a brief and accurate image content description, conveying only essential information. Avoid writing Image of and keep your description focused on the image's purpose. 


Add buttons to create a call-to-action in your emails:

  1. Drag and drop the Button block into your campaign.
  2. Replace the Call to action text with a text that corresponds to the content to which you want to redirect your recipients. 
    You can personalize the text with contact attributes. 
  3. Optional: Use the text formatting toolbar and the button settings in the left panel to personalize your button. 
  4. Add a link to redirect your recipients.
    Redirect to a page Redirect to a file

    To redirect your recipients to the page of your choice:

    1. Select the button and click icon-add-link.png Add link.
    2. Select the Type of link you want to insert and enter its URL in the Link target field.
    3. Optional: Add a Link title that will appear as a tooltip when hovered.
    4. Click Insert.

Watch the video to learn more about modifying settings such as width, border radius, line size, background color for the button block.


This content block allows you to insert your brand logo anywhere into your email design. Add your logo to your brand library to avoid having to reupload it each time. 



The Social block allows you to redirect your recipients to your social media pages when they click the icons.


We recommend setting up your Brand Library to permanently save your social media links in your brand's assets. When dragging and dropping the Social content block in your email design, the links will automatically be populated in the Icons settings fields. 

To learn how to use the Social content block, check our dedicated article Insert social media links and icons in your email design.


The HTML block lets you add your own code. You can either type in or copy and paste your code. To see the preview of your code just leave the HTML block.

Some email clients do not support all HTLM content as email HTML isn't as developed as web HTML. To avoid issues with your code in the HTML editor and block, check our dedicated article Using HTML in your email campaigns.


The divider block adds a horizontal line to separate blocks.


Watch the video to learn more about modifying settings such as thickness, color, shape, width, background color for the divider block.


❗️ Important
The Product block feature is only available if you're using our Shopify, Shopware 5, Shopware 6, or PrestaShop [1.7 onwards] plugins. For more information, see our dedicated article on how to Insert a Product block in the Drag & Drop Editor.

Drag and drop the Product content block to your newsletter. You'll see the product image, product title, product description, and product price. The Product URL is automatically linked to the product image and button as long as your shop is published.


The spacer content block allows you to add a space block inside your email design. You can edit your spacer content block width or height to create a more or less large space. The maximum width is 100% and the minimum height is 30px. You can also change your spacer block color to create a color block.



Use our Video content block to easily insert a video link into your email campaigns:


To learn more, check our dedicated article Insert videos in my email campaign.


The pre-designed sections are predefined layouts of content blocks that you can fill and customize as needed. You can use pre-designed sections of text and images, but you can also use pre-designed headers and footers

To learn more, check our dedicated article Save time designing your emails with pre-designed sections.

Header and footer

Use the Header block to add your company logo or relevant links such as links to your website or social medias.

The Footer block is essential because it gives your recipients more information on your company and allows them to unsubscribe or edit their preferences. It can be composed of:

Company information

This line is composed of your company name and contact information.

Social Media icons
You can add links to your social media in the footer of your campaign. For more information, see the section about the Social content block.
View in browser link
This is also referred to as the Mirror Link. This is a link that recipients can click if they have trouble viewing your email on their email client and would like to view it in the browser version. Most of the email templates don't need this option if the templates are responsive but you can always add it if needed. To learn more, check our dedicated article Insert a View in browser (mirror) link in your campaigns.
This email was sent to

This line lets your recipients know that this email was intended for them. It also explains why they received this email.

Unsubscribe link

This link is mandatory as it allows your recipients to unsubscribe to your newsletter in compliance with GDPR. To learn more, check our dedicated article Insert an unsubscribe link in your campaigns.

Brevo logo

This will appear in the footer of your emails by default.

  • If you have a free plan, the logo will always be displayed in your footer.
  • If you have a paid plan, you can remove the logo by hand from all templates: select the logo and click the bin icon. To avoid having to remove the logo by hand each time, you can create templates without the logo and reuse them. 

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