Create a deal

💡 Good to know
Only Sales Platform Pro users can have more than 50 open deals at a time. You will not be able to create new deals on a Free plan if you reach that limit.

You can quickly create and save your sales opportunities as deals by filling in the deal creation form. You can also associate them with existing or new contacts and companies directly from the form.

If you want to create or update several deals, you can easily import them from a file. To learn more, check our dedicated article Import deals.

Before you start

  • Make sure the default pipeline suits your team's needs. If necessary, you can add new stages or edit the existing ones.
  • Only the fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory. Deal name, Deal owner, and Deal stage are mandatory fields by default. You can create custom attributes and choose which attributes should be required when creating a company from the Manage deal creation attributes page.

Create a deal

To create a deal:

  1. You can create a deal from several places in Brevo:
    • From Deals, click Create Deal.
    • From a contact details page, click the meatball menu icon meatball-menu-icon.png and then icon-create-deal.png Deal.
    • From a company details page, click the dollar sign icon icon-create-deal.png above Deal.
      The creation form panel opens.
  2. Enter information about the deal in the relevant fields:
    💡 Good to know
    In the example below, we've only enabled the default deal attributes. If you've not enabled the same attributes or if you've created additional custom attributes, the fields in your creation form might be different.
    • Associate deal to contacts: select existing contacts or create new ones to associate with the deal.
    • Associate deal to companies: select existing companies or create new ones to associate with the deal. If you've associated a company with a contact, this field will be pre-filled.
    • Deal name: enter the name of the deal. If you've associated the deal with a contact or a company, the deal name will be pre-filled.
    • Deal owner: select the Brevo user to whom the deal is assigned to.
    • Pipeline: if you have multiple sales pipelines, select in which pipeline the deal is.
    • Deal stage: select in which stage of the pipeline the deal is.
    • Amount: enter the value of the deal in your default currency.
    • Close date: select the date when the deal is expected to be closed.
    • Deal description: enter a brief description of the deal.
    • Create a task: create a task to follow up on the deal. By default, this box is checked. Choose a task type, name, due date, and time for the task.
  3. Once you're done, click Create.

You can directly access the details page of the deal you created by clicking View deal details before closing the creation form panel or from Deals and clicking the name of the deal you created.

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