Reopen a closed deal

Reopening a closed deal is useful if you've closed it by mistake or if the lead changes their mind later on.

❗️ Important
You cannot retrieve or reopen a deleted deal. That's why we recommend you always close your deal as lost instead of deleting them.

Reopen a closed deal

To reopen a closed deal:

  1. Go to Deals.
  2. Optional: Filter your closed deals:
    1. Switch to the icon-list-deals.png List view.
    2. Click Filter.
    3. Click Add filters.
    4. Select Attributes > Deal stage > Is equal to > Won and/or Lost.
  3. Click the closed deal you want to reopen.
  4. On the deal's page, click Re-open.

Once reopened, the deal will move back to the stage it was last in before it was marked closed as won or lost.

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