Create a task

You can quickly create tasks to keep track of important actions you have to take regarding an ongoing deal, a company, or a contact. You can associate them with existing or new deals, companies, or contacts for better management.

You can also choose to receive reminders when a task is due or even automatically create tasks based on the trigger of your choice.

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Step 1: Create the task

You can create tasks from different locations in Brevo:

Tasks page Deals page Contact, company, or deal details page
  1. Go to Deals > Tasks.
  2. Click Create a task.

Step 2: Set up the task

  1. Enter information about the task:
    • Task type: Select a task type between To do, Email, Call, Meeting, Lunch, and Deadline.
    • Name: You can name your task or keep the placeholder title.
    • Due date/Time: Choose when your task is due.
    • Set reminder: Enable this option if you want to receive a reminder for the task.
      If you've not enabled task reminders, you'll be asked to select if you want to receive an email notification and/or a browser notification.
    • Task priority: You can set a task as high priority. You can then sort your tasks by priority on the Tasks page.
    • Notes: Enter more information about your task. This can be useful in case you're out of the office and a coworker needs to take over the task.
    • Associate task to contacts: Select one or several contacts you want to associate with the task.
    • Associate task to companies: Select one or several companies you want to associate with the task.
    • Associate task to deals: Select one or several deals you want to associate with the task.
    • Assign task to: Assign the task to yourself, to a specific user, or unassign it.
  2. Click Create.

Your task is created. If you've chosen to receive a reminder, you'll receive it when your task reaches the chosen time.

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