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Create a subscription form - Part 5: Share your form

Time to share your form! The step Share provides you with the code for integrating the form into your website or a link for quick sharing.

Share your form

You can share your form using 2 different methods:

Quick Share

URL Sharing

Use this method to share your form via the social media or by email. It'll lead the users to a webpage with your form in it.

QR code Sharing

You can now share your form via a QR code. QR codes can be useful during physical venues where you do business, like a store or an event. 

From Quick Share, simply click on « Download QR code » next to your link to download the QR code’s png file of your form. 

People who scan the QR code with their mobile will be directly redirected to the form mobile view. 


Use this method if you want to embed (insert) the form on your website. There are three types of code:

  • Iframe (Recommended): easy to integrate, this code allows you to embed the form within a pop-up or page on your website. You can change the height and width of the block.
  • HTML: this code is much more customizable, with Ajax animation for messages.
  • Simple HTML: this is a simplified version of HTML form code that does not require calling JavaScript. 

Finally, just paste the code on your website, and the form will appear!

💡 Good to know
Captcha that requires calling JavaScript cannot be included in this form code. 

My design is distorted when I share it on my website

If you're sharing your form via HTML or simple HTML, you may get different results between what you built in Brevo and what you see on your website.

In most of the cases, this happens because of CSS properties conflict between our form and your webpage. You should try embedding the form using Iframe code, this will prevent CSS conflicts.

In case you prefer to add HTML code, then you should get help from your site administrator or webmaster to check the CSS on your side.

Where to place a signup form

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