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Abandoned Cart - FAQ

In this article, we will help you troubleshoot the issues you may encounter with your Abandoned Cart automatic emails.

We have created a series of articles to help you automatically send an abandoned cart email to your customers:

Why don't my contacts enter the workflow after abandoning their cart?

Contacts have not been identified

When someone visits a website that contains the Brevo tracker, the tracker will automatically add a cookie to their browser. The tracker must then identify the contact.

A contact can be identified if:

  • They create an account on the website
  • They submit a Brevo form on the website
  • They open a transactional email or click a link in a transactional email sent from the Brevo account

Even if the contact entered an email address during checkout, if they are not identified by one of the three ways mentioned above, they will not enter the workflow.

Contacts did not log into the website

Even if a contact is identified, the Brevo tracker can retrieve their email address and identify them only once they are logged into your website. To allow identified contacts to enter your abandoned cart workflow, make sure you have a login page on your website.

If you want to be able to track contacts who have not logged in your website but entered their email address during checkout, you must install the Identify function on your website.

Track events have not been created properly

If you have installed the Brevo tracker manually, you must also create your own custom track events. If you are using a Brevo plugin, check the table in Which Brevo plugins automatically create track events? to learn if your plugin automatically creates the 3 standard track events or not. If not, you will also have to create your own custom track events.

You can then add these track events to your workflow to trigger each step. The name of the track events created on your website must be the same as the name entered in the workflow. Otherwise, the workflow won't be triggered.

To learn how to create track events, please read our technical documentation.

Workflow has not been activated/has been paused

Make sure you have activated your workflow to allow contacts to enter it and receive your abandoned cart email. If you paused your workflow, new contacts won't be able to enter it.

💡 Good to know
If your workflow has been paused, your new contacts will not enter that workflow. However, contacts that entered your workflow before it was paused will continue through the remaining steps.

Contacts limit has been reached

On Free and Starter plans, only 2000 unique contacts can enter an Automation workflow. Above this limit, no more contacts can enter the workflow.

Brevo will send you a notification email when:

  • The contacts limit is about to be reached (80%)
  • The contacts limit is reached
💡 Good to know
If you wish to have more than 2000 contacts enter the workflow, you will have to subscribe to a Business or BrevoPlus plan.

Why isn't my abandoned cart email filled with products information?

Event data is not being pulled

Make sure you have enabled the Use my event data to customize the email option at the Send an email step of the workflow. If this option is not enabled, the event data won't be pulled and the abandoned cart emails will not be filled with products information.

Repeat block option has not been enabled

💡 Good to know
Our Dynamic list option is now called Repeat block and is available in both Drag & Drop editors.

Enabling the Repeat block option in each section of the email template that contains placeholders for abandoned cart data ensures that the email can display multiple products and interpret data sent by your website to Brevo.

Learn how to use the Repeat block option in our dedicated article: Repeat a block of items in your emails.

The placeholders in your email template are incorrect

If you are using a plugin that automatically creates the abandoned cart track events, the placeholders are pre-defined by our New Template language. If you manually created your own track events, you have to create your own list of placeholders.

If you enter a wrong placeholder, e.g. if you add additional spaces between the brackets, the placeholder will not be replaced by the products information.

To make sure you are using the right abandoned cart pre-defined placeholders, check Part 2: Create an abandoned cart email template.

❓ Why isn't my abandoned cart email sent?

Transactional quota has been reached

Transactional senders who are using our shared IPs will start with the capacity of sending 100 emails per hour. This bandwidth will increase based on good engagement with your emails (high opening rates, high volume sending and minimal hard bounces). However, it is likely to decrease if you have poor engagement (low opening rates, low click rates, high number of hard bounces, unsubscribes, and/or complaints).

If you exceed your hourly quota, the messages will be added to your backlog until we can send them. Your quota is renewed every hour so you have to wait the next hour(s) for your emails to be sent.

Contacts exited the workflow after purchasing their cart

If a shopper makes a purchase during the delay you specified at the Wait for step, they will automatically be removed from the workflow and no abandoned cart email will be sent to them.

❓ Why do my contacts receive double abandoned cart emails?

Your contacts may receive double abandoned cart emails if you have also enabled the sending of automatic follow-up emails emails from your website. To avoid that, make sure to disable the sending of automatic emails from your website after testing and activating your Abandoned Cart workflow in Brevo.

🤔 Have a question?

If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.