Abandoned Cart - Troubleshooting and FAQs

To ensure that your abandoned cart emails are being sent smoothly, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and troubleshooting issues commonly encountered with these emails.

We have created a series of articles to help you automatically send an abandoned cart email to your customers:

❓ Why aren't my contacts entering the automation after abandoning their cart?

The contacts have not been identified

When someone visits a website that contains the Brevo tracker, the tracker will automatically add a cookie to their browser. The tracker can then identify the visitor if:

  • They create an account on the website.
  • They submit a Brevo form on the website.
  • They open a transactional email or click a link in a transactional email sent from the Brevo account.

Even if the visitor entered their email address during checkout, if they are not identified by one of the three ways mentioned above, they will not enter the automation.

The contacts did not log into your website

The Brevo tracker can retrieve the email address of a contact and identify them, but only once they are logged into your website. To enable identified contacts to enter your abandoned cart workflow, ensure that your website has a login page.

If you want to track contacts who have not logged into your website but have entered their email address during checkout, you need to install the Identify function on your website.

The track events for abandoned carts have not been created properly

If you installed the Brevo tracker manually, you need to create your own custom track events.

If you use a Brevo plugin, check the table in Which Brevo plugins automatically create track events? to see if your plugin automatically creates the three track events used for abandoned carts. If it does not create the event, you need to create your own custom track events.

Afterward, you can add these track events to your automation to trigger each step. Ensure that the name of the track events created on your website is the same as the name entered in the automation. Otherwise, the automation won't be triggered.

To learn more about creating track events, check our developer documentation.

The abandoned cart automation has not been activated or has been paused

Make sure that you have activated your automation to allow contacts to enter it and receive your abandoned cart email.

If you have paused your automation, new contacts will not be able to enter it but any contacts that entered it before the pause will continue through the remaining steps.

You have reached the 2,000 contacts limit

On the Marketing Platform Free and Starter plans, only 2,000 unique contacts can enter an automation. Above this limit, no more contacts can enter the automation.

Brevo will send you a notification email when:

  • The contacts limit is about to be reached (80%), and
  • The contacts limit is reached.
💡 Good to know
If you wish to have more than 2,000 contacts enter the automation, you need to upgrade to a Business or Enterprise plan.

❓ Why isn't my abandoned cart email filled with product information?

You are not using the event data to customize the email

Make sure that you have enabled the Use my event data to customize the email option in the Send an email step of the automation. If this option is not enabled, the data about the abandoned cart will not be pulled, and the abandoned cart emails will not contain product information.

The Repeat block option has not been enabled

Enabling the Repeat block option in each section of the email template that contains placeholders for abandoned cart data ensures that the email can display multiple products and interpret data sent by your website to Brevo.

Learn how to use the Repeat block option in our dedicated article Repeat a block of items in your emails.

The placeholders in your email template are incorrect

If you use a plugin that automatically creates abandoned cart track events, the placeholders are pre-defined by Brevo's Template language. If you manually create your own track events, you need to create your own list of placeholders.

If you enter a wrong placeholder, such as adding additional spaces between the brackets, the placeholder will not be replaced by the product information.

To ensure you are using the correct abandoned cart pre-defined placeholders, check Part 2: Create an abandoned cart email template.

❓ Why isn't my abandoned cart email being sent?

The contacts exited the automation after either purchasing the products or deleting their carts

If a shopper makes a purchase during the delay specified in the Wait for step of the abandoned cart automation, they will be automatically removed and no abandoned cart email will be sent to them.

❓ Why do my contacts receive duplicate abandoned cart emails?

Your contacts may receive double abandoned cart emails if you have also enabled the sending of automatic follow-up emails from your website. To avoid this, make sure to disable the sending of automatic emails from your website after testing and activating the abandoned cart automation in Brevo.

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