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Abandoned Cart - Part 3: Send abandoned cart emails in different languages (optional)

In this article, you will learn how to send abandoned cart emails in different languages according to the version of your website your contacts are browsing.

We have created a series of articles to help you automatically send an abandoned cart email to your customers: 

Before you start

If your website is set up in different languages, you may wish to send an abandoned cart email written in the language selected by your contacts on your website. For example, if the abandoned cart is generated on the French website, your contact will receive the abandoned cart email in French, and so on.

💡 Good to know
If you are using Prestashop, you will be able to send the email template in the original version (language) of your website only.

✉️ Create the email template in different languages

To send your abandoned cart email in different language, you will first need to create an email template for each different language. For more convenience, make sure to specify the language in the internal name of each template, e.g. "FR_Abandoned Cart", "DE_Abandoned Cart", etc.

To learn how to create an abandoned cart email template, refer to Part 1: Create an abandoned cart email template.

⚙️ Create an Abandoned Cart workflow for each language

To send the abandoned cart emails in different languages, you will need to create a workflow for each language. You can refer to Part 2: Set up an Abandoned Cart workflow to create your workflow as most of the procedure is the same but make sure to modify steps 1 and 3 according to the following instructions.

💡 Good to know
If you have already created an Abandoned Cart workflow as explained in Part 2: Set up an Abandoned Cart workflow and now want to specify a language for it, simply update it according to the following instructions.

Step 1: Contact adds a product to their cart (entry point)

One of the differences from the basic Abandoned Cart workflow is that we will modify the entry point of the workflow based upon the website URL.

We will keep the same track event but we are going to adapt it and use a condition to specify what the URL should look like to allow the contact to enter the workflow. This will allow the workflow to distinguish the language of the website.

There are different options to set up the entry point:


Step 3: Send an abandoned cart email

When selecting your abandoned cart email, make sure to select the email template created in the language specified in your entry point. Once sent, the placeholders will be replaced by the contact and cart data in the right language.

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