What are the conditions in Marketing Automation?

When creating a marketing automation workflow, you will build a series of steps that include entry points, actions and conditions. In the article, we'll detail each condition to help you create the best workflows!

Workflow example

The following workflow is a workflow to send a coupon to your contact after their first purchase. You'll find:

  1. The entry point: Website purchase
  2. A condition: If/Else condition "Is it their first purchase?"
  3. 2 Actions: Send a coupon if YES and Add to Loyal customer list if NO


What are the Conditions?

After choosing one or several entry points, you can select a series of actions and conditions in your workflow. Just click the + icon below the entry point to add either an action or a condition.

We'll detail the available conditions below:


Add a delay

For some workflows like Welcome emails or Abandoned Carts emails, it's best to add a delay before sending the email. You can easily add this condition before any action and add a delay of X minutes/hours/days/weeks/months.

The delay step adds a wait period between the step immediately before the wait period.

To understand the difference between Add a delay and Wait until, check our dedicated article: What's the difference between Wait until and Add a delay?

➡️ For example
This can be a great tool if you want to create an Onboarding or Welcome workflow with one email every X days for example.

Wait until

Wait until also adds a delay but not according to a period of time, rather according to an event. So you will wait until a specific action has been performed by the contact to do another action:

  • Website activity
  • Contact submits a form
  • Email marketing activity
  • Transactional email activity

These are detailed in the article about Entry points.

To understand the difference between Add a delay and Wait until, check our dedicated article: What's the difference between Wait until and Add a delay?.

➡️  For example
To implement a Double Opt-In, you can add a wait until condition: wait until the contact has clicked on the Double Opt-in link in your email to add them in your double opt-in list.

If / Else conditions

Thanks to the IF / ELSE conditions, you can divide your workflow into 2 branches:

  • YES: the contact meets the condition
  • NO: the contact doesn't meet the condition

You will find more details in our article How do the if/else conditions work?

➡️ For example
For each purchase of your contacts, you can have an if/else condition to check if it's the first purchase or not. If it is, send a coupon, if it's not, add the contact to your loyal customers list.

A/B Split

Split your contacts in a 50:50 ratio to follow path A or path B. Use this function to test and optimize your workflow outcomes.

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