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What are the actions in Marketing Automation?

When creating a marketing automation workflow, you will build a series of steps that include entry points, actions and conditions. In the article, we'll detail each action to help you create the best workflows!

Workflow example

The following workflow is a workflow to send a coupon to your contact after their first purchase. You'll find:

  1. The entry point: Website purchase
  2. A condition: If/Else condition "Is it their first purchase?"
  3. 2 Actions: Send a coupon if YES and Add to Loyal customer list if NO


What are the Actions?

After choosing one or several entry points, you can select a series of actions and conditions in your workflow. Just click the + icon below the entry point to add either an action or a condition.

We'll detail the available actions below:

Send an email, SMS, WhatsApp message or notification

automation-Email.png automation-SMS.png automation-wa-icon.png automation-notification.png
Email SMS WhatsApp Notification

The main actions of your workflows will be to send an email, WhatsApp messages, or SMS to your contacts. It can be a birthday email, welcome email, a discount for their next purchase, etc.

You can also send internal emails using the action Notifications, for example if you want to receive a notification every time a contact confirms their presence to an invitation you sent by email.

Add the contact to a list or remove from a list

automation-add-list.png automation-remove-list.png
Add contact to a list Remove contact from a list

Another action is to add or remove a contact to/from a list. You can find your contact lists in Contact > Lists.

For example, you can add the people who asked to download a white paper to a specific list, and then send the white paper to them. Or you can add your unsubscribed contacts to a specific list.

Actions on the contacts

automation-update-contact.png automation-blocklist-contact.png automation-start-crm-task.png
Update contact attribute Blocklist a contact Perform a CRM action

You can Update contact attributes. For example, you can OPT_IN to Yes when a contact clicks on the double opt-in link from your email. You can also create a LEAD SCORE by adding or removing points according to your contacts' actions and thus see who are your most engaged contacts.

You can Blocklist a contact in your workflow. 

You can also Perform a CRM action to create a deal, create a task, or assign a user to the contact.

Actions on the workflow

automation-start-workflow.png automation-go-another-step.png
Start another workflow Go to another step

These actions allow you to start another workflow according to a specific condition. For example, you may want your contacts to directly move to another workflow after they've received a welcome email through your Welcome Message workflow.

You can also decide to skip to a specific step in a workflow.

💡 Good to know
Using the Start another workflow action, the workflow will start from the first step after the entry point.

Advanced actions

automation-call-webhook.png automation-start-conversion.png
Call a webhook Record a conversion

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