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What is a blocked contact? (Transactional and Automation)

In this article, we will explain what blocked contacts are and where to view the list of blocked contacts on your account.

What is a blocked contact?

A blocked contact is a contact that is blocked for the reception of transactional emails.

In this case, contacts are unsubscribed from specific senders. This means that they will not receive any transactional emails anymore from those specific senders but they would still be able to receive transactional emails from other senders. This way, if a contact unsubscribes from a transactional email, they may still receive important notifications such as order confirmations or password reset.

❗️ Important
If a contact generates a spam complaint or a hard bounce, they will be blocked for all senders of transactional emails.

View the list of blocked contacts

To find the list of blocked contacts for transactional email, go to Transactional > Settings > Blocked or Unsubscribed contacts.


From this page, you can:

  • View the email addresses of the blocked contacts.
  • View when they were blocked.
  • View the reason why they were blocked.
  • View from which sender(s) they are blocked.
  • Manually unblock or re-subscribe contacts.
  • Search for blocked contacts by email or date.
  • Block a new contact using their email address.
  • Export the list of blocked contacts as a CSV file.

The contact page also indicates that a contact is blocked for transactional emails and specifies which sender the contact is unsubscribed from:


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