How to identify users for Marketing Automation

After installing Brevo Tracker on your website, you also need to identify your visitors to have the Automation work. To target your communication, you first need the elements that allow you to do this. In short, you need to know your contacts. The first step vital to any further action is to identify them.

About the identify method

💡 Good to know
The visitor_id cookie was previously known as sib_cuid.

By default when you've installed Brevo tracker, we leave a cookie (visitor_id) when a contact either clicks a transactional email you sent via Brevo, fills in a Brevo form or creates an account on your website. This way, we can identify the contact from their email address. The limitation of this cookie is that it can only be used with contacts who have performed these specific actions.

To extend tracking to all of your visitors, you can add an identification request or Identify User (click here to find out more). This functionality allows you to add selected attributes when your visitors are identified, and then create very personalized workflows.

The Identify method comprises two arguments:

  • an email ID, which is a mandatory parameter,
  • a list of information (JSON object) in which you can list any properties you choose.

brevo.identify (' ', { 'Name': 'James Clear ', 'Id': '10001', 'Mobile': '+12025550153', 'Plan': 'Diamond', 'Location': 'San Francisco' });

This function allows the user '’ to be identified and certain information to be linked to him: name, ID, mobile, plan and location. Of course, you can include as many properties as you'd like in the Identify Method.

❗️ Important
As this part is a bit more advanced, you should ask one of your developers to do it for you. Everything is explained on our dedicated API documentation.

How to check if my contacts are identified

To check if your contacts are correctly identified, you can check the Automation logs:

  1. Go to Automation
  2. Click Logs 
  3. Select the tab Event logs
    • In the results, if you see an email address in the column FROM, your users are correctly identified!
      Please note that it's normal that some lines don't have an email address, not all your visitor are logged in. Please check as many lines as you can by clicking View More Results.
    • If you see no email whatsoever, check our below section My contacts are not identified.


My contacts are not identified

If you are seeing the track events but no email shows up next to it, it means you haven’t identified the email. In a website, there is a variable where the id is stored. Generally, it is when we create an account or perform a login.

If you are not seeing the email, it means the customer did not create an account or made a login; which means they did not identify themselves. The customer simply bought a product or updated a cart without performing a login.

In order to resolve this issue, you will need to ask one of your developers:

  1. In the script you put on your website, uncomment this part of the Brevo tracker script below (remove the // in front of window.sib.email_id)
  2. In the script you put on your website, replace by your variable containing the user's email address
/* OPTIONAL: email for identify request*/
// window.sib.email_id = ‘’;


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If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.

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