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Troubleshoot your emails customized with Brevo Template Language

In this article, we will explain how to troubleshoot the most common issues you may encounter with emails customized with Brevo Template Language.

Good to know

Mix between the New and Old Template Language

The most common mistake that should be avoided is mixing up the syntax of the New Template Language with the syntax of the Old Template Language within a single email. 
You can check our dedicated article to learn more: Convert your email templates to the New Template Language.

The table below shows the difference in syntax for each type of variable:


Incorrect placeholder syntax

In the Drag & Drop Editor

After saving the design of your email template or campaign, an error message will appear if the syntax of one of your placeholders is not correct.

In our examples below, a bracket } is missing at the end of the placeholders. Take a look at the error details to correct the placeholder and save your email template or campaign again.

New Drag & Drop Editor Classic Drag & Drop Editor


After an API call

Even if your API call is structured correctly, the email will not be sent if the email template contains errors. 

Error notification for an email campaign

If your API call receives a 200-level response but the campaign is suspended due to an error in the syntax of the email template, a notification about the suspension will appear in your notifications


Error log for a transactional email

If your API call receives a 200-level response but the email is not received, go to Transactional > Logs to check your Transactional Logs. If your email was not sent due to an error, an Error event will appear in your logs.


Missing data for dynamic content

💡 Good to know
This icon is only displayed in the Drag & Drop Editor (Classic).

Email design blocks containing dynamic content, such as repeatable blocks or display conditions, are marked with a code symbol in the top-left corner of the block.


When saving your email template or campaign, the icon will turn red if the Repeat block or Conditional Display options are enabled but are missing required information. To correct it, simply complete the empty fields and save your email template or campaign again.


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