What are the default company attributes?

Brevo has a number of default company attributes where important information about your companies can be stored:

Name  Type  Description
Industry Text The type of business the company performs (e.g. Tourism, Clothing, Chemical Industries, Food, etc.).
Name (required) Text The name of the company.
No Of Employees Number The number of people who work for the company.
Owner (required) Brevo user

The Brevo user that the company is assigned to. You can specify a deal owner using their name, email address, or contact ID.

If you don't include a company owner in your import file, the owner of your Brevo account will be the company owner by default.

Phone Number Number The main phone number of the company.
Revenue Number The estimated annual revenue of the company.
Website Text The website URL of the company. 

Based on your business needs, you may need to create additional custom attributes. To learn more, check our dedicated article Create and manage custom attributes for deals and companies.

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